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Rare Values

Rainbow Undercut

The Rainbow Undercut could be obtained from the Pride Goodie Bag during the Habbo Pride Festival Campaign.

Release Date: July 5th, 2021

Base Price: 7c + 10d


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Latest value updates
HaleKane commented on 8th November, 2021

Value changed from: 2 => 8

kyleeeee commented on 3rd October, 2021

Value changed from: 7 => 2

HaleKane commented on 17th September, 2021

Value changed from: 11 => 7

HaleKane commented on 3rd August, 2021

Value changed from: 13 => 11

HaleKane commented on 21st July, 2021

Value changed from: 18 => 13

HaleKane commented on 13th July, 2021

Value changed from: 24 => 18

kyleeeee commented on 7th July, 2021

Value changed from: => 24