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    Early June, Habbo announced the departure of the long-loved public rooms, and replaced them with user designed rooms. Many older users will be able to remember these rooms, and new users will be able to view the rooms below that older Habbo's use to love whether that be making new friends in the Welcome Lounge, or ordering a burger at Habburgers! (Click the images to enlarge them!)
    Welcome Lounge - Get a warm Habbo welcome here!                                  Lido Deck - Splish, splash and make a dash in your bathing suits
    Sun Terrace - Sip a cool drink, and get a supertan treatment!                                              Cinema - Enjoy your time in the prime!
    Habbo TV Studio - Film your own reality shot...                                  Old Skool Habbo - A set of rooms inspired by the original and legendary
                                                                                                                                             Mobiles Disco, the progenitor of Habbo.

       Library - There's nothing like a good book...                                                            Beauty Salon - Treat yourself to a day of beauty!

    Sunset Cafe - Let yourself be lulled by the gentle pixel waves...                               The Dirty Duck Pub - Stop in for some Habbo grog and grub...

     Chinese Tea Room - A soothing atmosphere and amazing tea brews.                           Palazzo Pizza - Gino and Carlo's palace of perfect Pizza.

         Ice Cafe - Cooler than an Eskimo's freezer                         Habburgers - American classics - burgers, fries and shakes. And ketchup, so much ketchup.

            The Den - Great for a bit of R and R                                                          Net Cafe - Who needs food when you have the interwebz...

        Hotel Kitchen - Chef's cooking up a storm...                                                           Club Mammoth - Monumental and magnificent.

    The Chromide Club - All styles, all beats, all comers.
    Tables in the front room, dance floor in the back.                                         Floating Garden - Tranquillity and flowing water, soothesyour pixel soul!

             Zen Garden - Take some time out.                                                                Peaceful Park - Harmony, symmetry and beaming lions.

    House of flying carrots - Exotic mystery and danger awaits                             Dusty Lounge - A dignified lounge for sitting back and enjoying a                                                                                                                                                               licorice pipe

    Main Lobby - Hang out on the very top of Habbo Hotel!                                                        Basement Lobby - For low level lofting.

          Hallway - Play tag in the Hotel Hallways!                                                                          Hallway II - More room to play tag!