Habboxween comps!

Habboxween comps!

Habboxween competitions are here! An easy way to make points, make sure to enter them all... OR ELSE!

Habboxween comps!
Habboxween is here!

Habboxween is here!

It's down to YOU to solve this one! Get your best paranormal detective gear together, because it's time for... WEIRDER STUFF

Habboxween is here!
Saturday Night Quiz!

Saturday Night Quiz!

We've changed the way our SNQ runs - come find out more and get those coins!

Saturday Night Quiz!
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You will need:

Large Polished Floor (x5; optional, you may choose any rug or any 5 seats) WIRED Trigger: User Says Keyword (x1) WIRED Condition: Triggering User Is On Furni (x1) WIRED Effect: Teleport User To Furni (x1)

This guide will show you how to set up the game Telephrase for you to host. For more information on the game, including how to play, check out our wiki page by clicking here.

Step 1: Place your Rugs

Place your five rugs/chairs in the playing area

Step 2: WIRED…

Open your WIRED Effect: Teleport User To Furni and select an area outside of the playing area. Open your WIRED Condition: Triggering User Is On Furni and select the five furniture items that you have chosen for the players to sit/stand on. In my example above, it would be the Large Polished Rugs. Place your WIRED Trigger: User Says Keyword on top of these two.

Open the WIRED Trigger: User Says Keyword and put in the word that the players need to guess in order to progress to the next round. This keyword will need to be changed every round.

Events: Simon Says

Events: Snake

Events: Beat The Item

Events: Guess The Value

Events: Pod Racing

Events: Five Seconds To Kick

Events: Pool Attack

Events: Name The Song