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Why Do People Go On Habbo Retros?1
By - Posted 14th February, 2016 at 12:15 am

Lately, I have Discovered that the population on Habbo has dropped. After discovering this, I started to do some investigating as that is what I do best. While I was searching around on to why the Habbo Hotel Population has dropped, I came to realise the whole reason why it keeps dropping. The answer to it would be Habbo Retros. Now in this article, I will be talking about Habbo retros from media parts that I have found and tweaked and also from my own point of view of why and how I personally think retros have been stealing our Habbo friends. Hope you like what I have to offer in this article. Let the reading begin.

This article contains information on sites that are illegal and not affiliated or endorsed by Habbo or Sulake. Due the unsafe and illegal nature of these sites, this article is for educational purposes only.

Felix the cat gets a promotion!0
By - Posted 12th February, 2016 at 9:18 pm Real World Happenings

Welcome to the first edition of Feel Good Fridays- an article designed to make you smile! I feel that this weeks edition should almost be renamed ‘Feline Good Fridays’ as I bring you the story of newly promoted Senior Pest Controller at Huddersfield train station, Felix.



Whilst some people will be only too aware of the daily struggle to find a job, Felix the cat from Huddersfield is climbing (or pawing) her way up the career ladder. Since 2011 when she was just 9 weeks old, Felix has been chasing mice, pigeons and other scary creatures from the station platforms. Her promotion has gained her a name badge, high visibility vest and thousands of loving fans from around the world. She currently has over 43 thousand likes on Facebook and adoring fans from all over have been travelling to Huddersfield to meet her. Several news outlets have picked up her story, including The Independent, BuzzFeed and ABC News, propelling her to internet fame. I fell in love with this story as the way in which the staff treat Felix as a member of the team is just heart-warming.

Upon her arrival in 2011, the staff at the station had no idea what to name her. Not knowing the gender of their new visitor at this time they chose names out of a hat and the name Felix was decided and has stuck ever since. One of the cutest parts of this story is that the station has even installed cat flaps within the station to allow Felix easy access to the platforms. Felix’s talents don’t lie purely with pest control however! She posts regular updates on Facebook about working on different departments within the station, including the ticket office, lost luggage and even the barriers. As a cat lover myself, I really hope they are paying Felix well! Click “Read More and Comment” below to see more cute pictures of Felix in action, as well as the link to her Facebook page if you want to follow her!

New Iced and Pura Colours!4
By - Posted 11th February, 2016 at 4:31 pm

After the newest updates to trading making players believe that Habbo doesn’t really care about the older generation that play, they have now decided to go way back into olden times by bringing a new lease of life to the Iced and Pura ranges! This isn’t unheard of with Habbo, they often delve back into the old furni data and find new designs and colours they could release with old style ranges – namely the maroon set of rares for Habbo’s 15th Birthday, and the mint Diner selection we still have today.

New codes have suggested that over 250 new items will be released into the newly revamped ranges – including a colour that many would assume should have been there from the very beginning! Over the years, Habbo has never had many ranges that have a purple selection, whether it be in One Way Gates, USVA, the list goes on and on. This is where the change occurs, the colour purple will feature in the revamped Iced and Pura ranges, but it’s unknown just when they will be available for users to purchase!

A ‘revamped’ range doesn’t seem right if only one colour is being added to them; that’s the interesting part, not only are we getting a new colour, we’re actually getting a whole new colour design – the codes have ‘blk’ in them to suggest the actual white/grey parts of the Iced and Pura items before will become black/grey in the revamp or will be a darker shade of the same colour that they were previously.

Click ‘Read More and Comment’ to view some of the codes, and click here to see the Habbox Forum thread to see the rest of them!

By - Posted 8th February, 2016 at 11:11 pm


As you’re probably aware, earlier today, Habbo made some changes to its trading system. If you don’t know, stop reading this article and click here. All caught up? Great! Let’s go…


riphabbo3riphabbo4Sulake seemed to bundle two updates together. Bulk adding to trade has been asked for for YEARS and they would be rolling in compliments if that’s all they released today. I’m really happy with that. But the problem is the second update! All currency furniture now gets automatically transferred to your purse now, instead of you being able to keep the furni items. Which right away wipes out pretty much all idea of the collectible ‘seasonal currency’ – unless you’re buying from the Marketplace then it’ll be converted to coins and you’ll have to re-purchase it.


Repurchasing coins/currency is all fine and dandy but since Habbo introduced the ‘tax’ on credits (paying 1c per 10 credits/gold bar/sack), it means that thousands of credits every year are going to be taken out of circulation. I understand from a business perspective that they want to encourage more people to physically buy credits, but are there really enough credits on the hotel that enough people will miss the odd one when they exchange?




I can’t help but feel like what they’re doing is alienating all new users really, who will be so happy to save up their credits to find that they have to spend half of what they’ve just earned to get a coin to trade for a piece of furni. Now I don’t pretend to know the intricacies of the trading world, but from what I gather this is really, really, really, really going to affect them. I suppose it’s like my new user example on a massive scale – if you’re buying a Pink Dragon (350gbs), you’ll be paying an EXTRA 7gb just to get those coins from the marketplace. I can’t help but think Habbo are trying to force everyone to use the Marketplace – which takes coins from your purse. Not the end of the world… just frustrating.



RIP Habbo? Well, I highly doubt it, but it is extremely annoying and feels like a kick in the teeth to those of us who do buy and exchange a huge amount of credits each year. We do have to understand that they are a business and need to make profits but they’re already introducing adverts and I personally feel they could do more with Builder’s Club and bundles before taking this much of a drastic step and alienating players old and new.

Habbo aren’t going to back down – as has been confirmed by staff member Macklebee (who is unjustly subject to the majority of abuse on Twitter, he’s just a staff member for a huge company, the fact he’s defending the decision at all shows a huge amount of strength and dedication in my books). If it was my decision, I’d reduce – not remove as Habbo wouldn’t want to – the credit tax to give a bit of a saving grace to people like me who exchange hundreds and hundreds of credits each year.

Let me know your opinion of what they should do and see more reactions by clicking below!



Agony Aunt – February Edition (Part 2)2
By - Posted at 4:30 pm


The final part of this months edition has finally been released! Click ‘Read More and Comment’ to see the last batch of questions/problems and Agony Aunts responses to them.

Remember, if you would like to be Agony Aunt in one of the upcoming months, click here to find out more! ALSO, you can now submit your problems for next months edition by clicking here!

Thanks again to Buttons for being this months Agony Aunt!

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