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    Over the years Habbo has progressed so much its hard to keep track! Luckily for you I have, therefore I am proud to present you with the Habbo Release Guides. Included here are information on features which arrived with various new releases from Release 6 to present, and even a Release Chart to show you what Habbo Hotel is on which release!



    Previous Releases


    Categorised rooms, colour coding and who's in here?!


    Ding dong at the door, Ignore feature and updated posters!


    Simple registrations, funky new dances and queuing for room!


    Guest rooms go super size, a bunch of new public rooms and more colour coding!

    SWAT, bugs and errors are all fixed!   Snowstorm comes to Habbo, users can customise there own home page and new clothes!
    Crocodiles come to Habbo, the Habbo Exchange is introduced and new HC gifts!   Battle Ball is rebounding, Habbo Groups emerge from Habbo Homes and Trax and the Ecotron are here!
    New ways to accept friends, ability to turn the Bobba filter on and off and new Homes widgets!   New limitations to Habbo Groups, Jukebox is introduced and new ways to accept friend requests!
    Rate your rooms, new forums for Habbo Groups and now you can follow your friends anywhere!   New Inf-O-Matic system and recommended rooms from room ratings!
    New site layout, cheaper HC for all, new clothes and house keeping!   Introduction of Starter furniture, new guides for new users and more new clothes!
    Hide yourself from friends, mega groups and welcome groups plus new speech bubbles!   The hotel becomes moody and kicks and bans people from your rooms, new friend request system!
    Habbo goes wide screen, introduction of IM chat, console overhaul and new icons!   New loading screen as well as moveable windows and ability to buy starter in the catalogue!
    Introduction of new Habbo guides, new hair styles and new and free game!   New homes widgets, wallpapers for your windows and search feature added to console!
    Badge management system, new achievements system and changes to snow storm and battle ball!   New achievements, respect your friends and new info feed system!
    Introduction of pixel points and catalogue navigation changes!   More pixel effects and collectable and more achievements to earn!
    Trade passes introduced and trade 9 items instead of the old 6!   New limitations given to users with rights, new pixel car effect and more Ecotron furniture!
    A brand new log in screen!   Diving in the Lido is free, new rewards in the Ecotron and games pages now become safety!