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How to Level Up

One of the new features that launches with Habbo2020 is levels. Your avatar will be assigned a level and you have to earn points to progress in levels.

Levels allow you to earn certain features, such as earning your Trading Pass (level 6) and Credit Donation (level 15),  as well as being awarded duckets and credits.

In this guide, we’ll explain the levels system and show you how to level up.

How levels are calculated

Your avatar level is calculated on four categories: Achievements, Badges, Room hosting, and Furni.

You get 1 point for every achievement level you earn (e.g. if you reach level X of online time, that is 10 points). Old achievement scores do not count, but some archived achievements (found in the Archive section) do.

You get 1 point for every badge you own (excluding achievement badges).

Room hosting:
You get points for how long Habbos spend in your room. The amount of time they spend in your room is multiplied by their level and divided by “a high number” to give your score. E.G. Frank (level 75) spends 10 minutes in your room. The formula (we’re assuming the high number could be 750 here) would be: (10 x 75)/750 = 1 point.

You get 1 point for every unique item of furni you own (excluding sticky notes, camera photos and BC furni).

NB: while furni, badge and (most) achievement scores will be moved from Flash Habbo to Unity Habbo, room hosting scores will start from 0 for everyone.

Your total level score is calculated using your scores from above. However, your score cannot exceed the categories above it. As you can see in the screenshot above, although this user’s furni score is 179, only 97 of that counts because it cannot be more than the three categories above, combined (achievements + badges = 97).

For example, if you have 10 points for Achievements and Badges, but 0 for room hosting and 0 for furni, your score would be 20. But if you also owned 100 unique furni, your overall score would only be 40, because Achievements (10) + Badges (10) = 20, so only your first 20 furni scores would count – meaning your total is 10+10+20 = 40.

How to see your level info

To see your level information, click your profile and then Level info. You can then see how you are progressing on your current level, and what the next rewards are.

How to level up

To level up, you need to increase your score in the four areas.

Top tip: if one of your levels is in yellow, this means it has already exceeded the ones above. Focus on increasing the green background ones!

Earn achievements
Open your profile by clicking on the bottom left corner and click Achievements. Find out more in our Checking Achievements guide. Try to max out all of these to increase your score.

Get badges
Enter Habbo competitions, take part in fansite badge events and make certain purchases (e.g. bundles and rares) to get badges.

Get people to visit your room
The more high-level users visit your room, the higher your score will be. Make room events and ask your friends to visit your room to increase your room hosting score.

Own furni
Buy lots of unique furni from the shop or the Marketplace to get your furni score up.


For each level you pass, you get set rewards. See the table below for the points needed and rewards you get at each level. The table will be filled out as more information is received.

The rewards for each level are a reflection of the ‘Next Reward’ section of your avatar level progression, however HC members get double the amount of duckets. For example, if you were about to reach level 3, Habbo would state that your next reward is 40 duckets and 1 credit. If you’re a HC member, once you reach level 3 your earnings window will show that you have 1 credit and 80 duckets to claim.

Level Points needed Reward
Level 1
Level 2 30 40 duckets & 1 credit
Level 3 35 40 duckets & 1 credit
Level 4 45 45 duckets & 1 credit
Level 5 60 45 duckets & 1 credit
Level 6 75 50 duckets & 1 credit
Level 7 95 50 duckets & 2 credits
Level 8 115 55 duckets & 2 credits
Level 9 140 55 duckets & 2 credits
Level 10 165 100 duckets & 2 credits
Level 11 190 60 duckets & 2 credits
Level 12 215 60 duckets & 2 credits
Level 13 240 60 duckets & 2 credits
Level 14 270 65 duckets & 2 credits
Level 15 300 65 duckets & 2 credits
Level 16 340 65 duckets & 2 credits
Level 17 390 70 duckets & 2 credits
Level 18 70 duckets & 2 credits
Level 19 70 duckets & 2 credits
Level 20 600 100 duckets & 3 credits
Level 21 700 75 duckets & 3 credits
Level 22 800 75 duckets & 3 credits
Level 23 75 duckets & 3 credits
Level 24 1100 80 duckets & 3 credits
Level 25 1300 80 duckets & 3 credits
Level 26 80 duckets & 3 credits
Level 27 2000 90 duckets & 3 credits
Level 28 2500 90 duckets & 3 credits
Level 29 3200 90 duckets & 3 credits
Level 30 4000 100 duckets & 3 credits






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