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Habbo2020 FAQs

Here, you can find quick answers to all of your FAQs about the new Unity client (Habbo2020). The open beta went live on 16 December 2020, and as of 12 January 2021 is the only way to play Habbo.  You can navigate to categories using the list below.


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What’s changed?

Why is there a new client?

The major change between the old Habbo client and the new Habbo client is the platform it runs on. Adobe support for Flash ended in December 2020 and most browsers have removed its functionality, leading Habbo to pull the Flash client entirely 12 January 2021. The new client is run on Unity, which sets Habbo up to be a more seamless experience between desktop and mobile users.

What’s different?

For users, the big change is going to be what the hotel looks like and how to navigate. Find out more about navigation on our Navigator guide and our Friends guide. Most features are the same or similar – notable changes include the removal of P2P trading, the introduction of the Vault, Credit Donation, Levels, Earnings and Star Gems.

Why are the icons so big?

It was designed mobile-first – and it’s fairly well optimised for extremely high resolution screens. You can scale the UI to be bigger or smaller by pressing Alt + 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Is my account going to be copied?

Yes, your accounts will work on the new client. Think of it as a new client on top of the existing Habbo data, rather than copying your data over.

Your rooms, furni, credits, pets, friends, clothing, looks – etc etc – will all have been copied.

Is everything working?

No. At least for a while, there are some non functional items which Habbo have confirmed they are adding in the future. Some functionality appears to be working despite being confirmed to be non functional. You can see a list of non functional items and their current status on our Wiki.

As well as furni items, some features are temporarily not working. Habbo have confirmed these features are being developed and will be added to the new client. These include: private trading, private messaging and group forums.

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Where has trading gone?

Trading as we know it has been removed, in favour of Marketplace sales. Click here for our guides on Buying in the MP and Selling in the MP to find out more.

How do I give furni to my friends?

Unfortunately you can’t at the moment.

Habbo have confirmed that they are developing private sales via the Marketplace (e.g. you send an item to a specific person on your friend list), but this feature is not yet live.

‘Free’ trades – e.g. giveaways will no longer be possible. You can give limited amounts of credits using the Credit Donation tool.

Why can’t I buy/sell in the Marketplace?

You may need to complete the requirements to get a Trading Pass before you have access to the Marketplace. Find out what’s needed in our Trading Pass guide.

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Coins, duckets and diamonds

What is the Vault?

The Vault is sort of like an additional bank on top of your purse.

If you have more than 500 coins (in your purse and vault combined), new earnings (donations, marketplace sales) will go in your Vault and you will be taxed (until you make a real-money purchase) at a high rate. The exception to this is credits earned from achievements and level progression, which will ALWAYS be deposited in your Vault. Find out more here.

How do I donate coins?

To donate coins to your friends, you need to be at least level 15. You can learn more with our Credit Donations guide.

Where have my coins/duckets gone?

If you have recently sold something in the Marketplace, got a donation, HC payday or even levelled up, your donations will go to your Earnings window. You need to withdraw them from here. If you have more than 500 credits in your purse and vault combined, they will go the Vault. There is no limit on duckets any more.

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Why can’t I join a group/why can’t people join my group?

Groups now have limits on their members, based on the levels of the people within your group. Find out more on our All About Groups guide.

Why can’t I edit my group?

You can no longer edit group badges or names. You can still edit the description. Find out more on our All About Groups guide.

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Rooms & building

Why can’t people visit my room any more?

If you’ve edited your floor using Builder’s Club (on the Unity client, edits made on Flash will not be affected), people can’t visit that room any more once your subscription expires. Make sure to ‘reset’ your rooms before your subscription expires.

Where is BC furni?

Builder’s Club furni can now be found in your Inventory. Find out more about the changes to your inventory & builders club here.

How do I change my room settings?

We have a few guides to help you set up, edit and manage your room. Check them out: Creating a roomMaking a room eventRoom Moderation.

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What are Star Gems?

Star Gems are sort of a replacement to Respects. They cost 1 ducket to send to another user, and the total received shows on your profile. More about Star Gems.

What are levels?

Levels is a new feature for the new Unity client. They are calculated on achievements, badges, room hosting and unique furni owned. It’s a complex system but you can earn duckets and credits for levelling up. Find out more with how How To Level Up guide.

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Where are room invites/private messaging?

Currently, private messaging and room invites are not functional. Habbo have confirmed this is a priority feature for them to build.

How do I find my friends?

There is a tab of the navigator called Rooms where my Friends are. Find out more in our Friends guide.

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Gifts & trophies

Where have the messages on my gifts gone?

Messages on gifts are currently nonfunctional, however the data has not been lost and will be restored in due time. Adding messages to gifts that you buy from now on does not appear to be an option at all.

How do I open gifts?

Gift opening is currently nonfunctional, but again the data (and the items inside!) is still there and this feature will be readded soon.

Are trophies and trophy messages working?

It appears so! Some trophy messages seem to have overlapping characters at the moment, however, and new trophy messages are currently capped at just 70 characters.

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