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Wired guides

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A new feature in the Unity client is the Earnings window. There are several ways to ‘earn’ credits and duckets which go to this window and then are distributed to your purse and/or vault. See below for all the different types of earnings you can get!

Please note for all earnings: there is no limit on Duckets any more. However, if you have more than 500 credits in your purse and vault combined, these credits will be deposited in your vault. All credits from achivements and levels will go to your vault, no matter how many credits you have in total.

Daily gift

You can claim 10 Duckets each day you log in.

If you do not claim your 10 Duckets, it does not roll over (you cannot claim 20 duckets the next day)


Some achievements come with credit or ducket rewards. All credits will be deposited in your Vault.


When you successfully sell an item in the Marketplace, your proceeds from the sale (minus the sales tax) will appear here.

HC payday bonus

Each month, your HC bonus will be paid in here.

Level progression

Each time you level up, you will get some duckets and credits. Find out more about the points and rewards here. All credits will be deposited in your Vault.


If another Habbo has donated you credits, they will appear here. NB: Donations can be a minimum of 1c and a maximum of 9c at a time (due to the 1c tax on the donor).

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