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Habbox Summer Spectacular

Habbox Summer Spectacular

Our annual tournament is BACK! Make friends, get points and win PRIZES this Summer.

Habbox Summer Spectacular
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The Vault

The Vault is a new feature of the Unity Habbo client. It works in addition to your normal purse, but withdrawals are taxed at a high rate until unlocked by purchasing something from Habbo directly. Here’s how the Vault works.

Your purse

Your purse is where most of your credits are normally stored. You can see your purse coin total below your diamonds and above your duckets on the right-hand side of the navigator.


If you have fewer than 500 coins in total (e.g. in your purse & vault combined), they will be stored in your purse.

Some earnings from Habbo – such as achievements and level progressions – are sent automatically to your Vault. Marketplace sales, HC Payday and donations have not yet been confirmed.

The Vault

If you have over 500 credits in your purse & vault combined, any new earnings will be deposited in your Vault. Earnings from level progression and achievements will always be added to your Vault no matter how many credits you have.

Your Vault can be accessed by clicking the piggy bank icon in the top right of your screen. When there are new credits in it, it will have a red exclamation mark logo.

Accessing your credits

If you have not made a purchase from Habbo, withdrawals from your Vault will cost 80% of the total value. For example, if you had 10 credits, you would only be able to withdraw 2. There is no way to withdraw part of your Vault wealth – you must take it all at once.

Habbo have confirmed that unlocking the Vault (to allow permanent tax-free withdrawals) will be possible by making purchases from their shop with real-life money. Habbo has not yet confirmed the amount Vault unlocking will cost.

In an interview with Turkish fansite Habboloji, a staff member confirmed that the purchase requirement would be 55 credits (£5.99). It is possible to do this through habbo.com/shop despite the “Premium” section of the beta client being under construction – the purchase will still register and unlock your Vault.

If you have 500+ credits BEFORE the merge

If you own over 500 credits in your purse before the new client goes live in December 2020, they will NOT be transferred to your Vault. All pre-earned credits will stay in your purse, but further earnings will be subject to the Vault tax.

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