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The Downsides of Pokémon GO0
By - Posted 17th July, 2016 at 11:27 pm Gaming

Unless you’ve been hiding in some tall grass for the past few weeks, Pokémon GO should definitely ring a bell for you. Thanks to the app, Pokémon have been making an appearance around the world in places such as rivers, parks… and even the nearby police station.

Millions of Pokémon trainers are now searching far and wide to catch them all. However, although the app encourages players to go outside, explore, and socialise – it’s not all roses and sunshine. Like everything else, it also has some downsides attached to it. Here are some of them…

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How much do you trust someone?0
By - Posted 14th July, 2016 at 7:47 pm Health, Life & Relationships

This topic for some reason has been a very hard one for myself to not only comprehend for myself, but to also understand in someone else’s perspective. I am constantly setting limits on how much I should trust someone, and in the end I feel I am always being burned or turned against.

I’m not too sure if this has ever happened to you, but this is my story and hopefully you can take what I’ve done, and maybe use it for your advantage so you do not have to deal with it yourself.

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May Day! Larry the cat to continue as Chief Mouser!0
By - Posted 13th July, 2016 at 10:32 pm Current Affairs

Today has been a very important day for Britain. Much sooner than everyone expected, a new Prime Minister has officially been asked by the Queen to form a government and David Cameron has officially resigned. At midday today, Cameron was present for his last ever Prime Minister’s Questions and was widely praised by his party for the hard work he has done during his time in power. He also received a standing ovation from the Conservative party at the conclusion of the event.

Later this afternoon, a moment in history was made as David Cameron visited the Queen to resign. The Queen’s next meeting was with our new Prime Minister Theresa May, who she officially asked to form a government. It has also been announced that Larry the cat will continue his role as ‘Chief Mouser’ at Number 10 and will not be moving out with the Cameron family. Continue reading to find out more about our new Prime Minister and Larry the cat!

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Euro 2016 Final!0
By - Posted 9th July, 2016 at 8:30 pm Sporting Banter

It seems like it was just yesterday that the Euro 2016 championship had started! After a month of exciting football, we are finally down to our last two teams. There have been a lot of fantastic plays, and shocking trials for each team.

At the beginning of the Euro Championship, we had started sweepstakes in which some lucky people could walk away with some hefty prizes (Forum VIP, and other fun stuff). Continue reading to see the finals and what they could win!

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[Habbox History] Down Memory Lane..0
By - Posted at 12:29 am Featured Articles

Hey guys and welcome to this latest Habbox History article! These articles aim to take you back in time on a nostalgic throwback to the depths of Habbox’s past! Today, we’ll be hearing more memories from some of our older members.

Unfortunately nobody got the answer to the last question correct! The owner of the Habbox Helpdesk during June 2011 was actually…me! (Bolt660). Don’t worry though, there’s another chance to win 10 points towards the birthday event at the end of this article. I hope you enjoy reading!

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