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Habbo Way

The Habbo Way is a set of rules which act as a guide to how players should act in the Hotel. Players who break the Habbo Way are not welcome in the Hotel and may be punished as a consequence, whether by being muted for a period of time or even banned. Habbo Hotel is a place for players to come and hang out, relax, and make new friends in a non-threatening environment. The Habbo Way was put in place to ensure that the safety of Habbos is maintained.

What should I do in the Hotel?


CHAT: Be a chatterbox and get to know your fellow Habbos! Make new friends, chat with old ones, and have FUN!
● CREATE: Let your creativity run wild and really express yourself! From building epic rooms to creating awesome selfies – You could be the next Pixel Picasso!
● HELP: Help a stranger, gain a friend! Always be helpful to other Habbos – you never know when you might need help yourself.
● TRADE: Build your own furniture empire and trade your way to the top! If you have a nose for business, use the Marketplace to sell items and stock up on credits.
● PLAY & HOST GAMES: Play games with friends, get in the competitive spirit and kick butt! Or create your own games and get popular! Successful games means other Habbos will want to join and swamp your room with fun.
● MAKE FRIENDS: Have fun, hang out and you might just make a great pixel friend…

What should I avoid doing?

● TROLL: No one likes trolls, not even their mothers! Bullying in Habbo will not be tolerated.
● SCAM OR SCRIPT: Make it, don’t fake it! No one likes a trickster. Stealing doesn’t make you rich, it makes you a criminal.
● TRICK OR CHEAT: Cheaters and tricksters never prosper; they just spoil everyone else’s Habbo experience.
● SELL FOR REAL MONEY: Never sell your furniture, account, password or anything in the game for real money. You will lose everything, plus you’ll have wasted all the time and effort it took to collect those things!
● PLACE OR ACCEPT BETS: Using furniture that randomises games, with the possibility to place bets, might get you into trouble. Why leave it to chance? Just don’t do it!
● CYBER: Cybering is strictly forbidden. Cam requests will result in punishment. Remember: Never meet up with people you met online. They aren’t always who they claim to be!

What should I do if I see someone break the Habbo Way?

If you see another Habbo break the Habbo Way and you are uncomfortable with it, you should use the Ignore feature. This feature prevents their chat from showing up on your screen. Use Ignore for name-calling, mild swearing, or anything else that just doesn’t suit your taste. If the chat is very offensive, hateful, racist, or if you feel threatened by it, send a ‘call for help’ and report them to an on-duty moderator, then leave the room or place the Habbo on Ignore.

Why do my words come up as “Bobba”?

All areas of Habbo Hotel have a word filter which takes out offensive words. This covers swearing and racist or sexist language, plus email addresses and phone numbers. Offensive words are replaced with ‘bobba’. The filters also work on Habbo names, missions and all types of messages sent through the Console.

If you avoid the word filter you may be banned from Habbo Hotel.

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