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Alt codes

All of us Habbos love expressing our emotions, and one common way people do this is by using a variety of special alt codes. These codes are not only fun to use, but show your spark of creativity and will bring attention to your bubbles with no issue. You can use them in your chat box, your private messaging with friends or room names and descriptions!

Alt codes

There has always been a number of alt codes that can be used on Habbo to display special characters within text! In the table below are the tried and tested alt codes that work on beta. Playing on a laptop or without a number pad? No worries! Just copy and paste the characters in the ‘C+P’ column into your Habbo chat bar and the symbol(s) should appear!

Alt Code Habbo Symbol C+P
Alt + 1
Alt + 7
Alt + 20
Alt + 21 §
Alt + 157 ¥
Alt + 159 ƒ
Alt + 171 ½
Alt + 172 ¼
Alt + 174 «
Alt + 175 »
Alt + 0174 ®
Alt + 234 Ω
Alt + 235 δ
Alt + 236
Alt + 237 φ
Alt + 238 ε
Alt + 241 ±
Alt + 246 ÷
Alt + 247
Alt + 248 °
Alt + 251
Shift + \ |
Alt + 224 α
Alt + 225 ß
Alt + 226 Γ
Alt + 227 π
Alt + 228 Σ
Alt + 229 σ
Alt + 230 µ
Alt + 231 τ
Alt + 232 Φ
Alt + 233 Θ
Shift + ` ¬
Alt + 422 ª
Alt + 423 º
Alt + 424 ¿
Alt + 0134
Alt + 0135
Alt + 0140 Œ
Alt + 0145
Alt + 0149
Alt + 0153
Alt + 0169 ©


Using the alt codes

To use the alt codes on a Desktop PC, you need to hold down the alt key (usually near your space bar) and enter the code shown above.

Playing with a laptop?

If you’re using a laptop, there are two ways to enable number lock. On laptops without a number pad at the side of the keyboard, you should press the FN key (usually near the space bar) and the num lock key (usually F11). On other laptops which do not have the number pad, just press Num Lock and a light will appear somewhere on your keyboard. After doing this, you just hold alt and key in the desired numbers for the alt image you want.

Playing with a Mac?

There are some slightly different codes to use on Macbooks.

Alt Code Habbo Symbol C+P
Alt + 1
Alt + 8
Alt + 7
Alt + y ¥
Alt + f ƒ
Alt + \ «
Alt + Shift + \ »
Alt + r ®
Shift + § ±
Alt + / ÷
Alt + 5 °
Shift + \ |
Alt + 6 ß
Alt + m µ
Alt + l ¬
Alt + 9 ª
Alt + 0 º
Alt + shift + / ¿
Alt + t
Alt + shift + 7
Alt + ]
Alt + Shift + 2
Alt + g ©
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