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Habboxween comps!

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Habboxween comps!
Habboxween is here!

Habboxween is here!

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Habboxween is here!
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Saturday Night Quiz!

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Room Settings

One of the main things you need to know when playing Habbo is how to use the room settings. The room settings is a pop-up box which enables Habbo users to control or change certain aspects of their room. This guide will take you through each section of the room settings and what they are used for. It’ll be handy for you if you’re new to playing Habbo, or are trying to find something specific in the setting tabs.

Basic Settings

The first tab, ‘Basic’, is the first section which is shown to you when clicking ‘Settings’ on the bottom left-hand side of your screen when in one of your rooms.

Room Name: Enter the desired name for your Habbo Hotel room.

Add a description: Use this section to add fansite links or to describe what your room is used for.

Category: Select a category that links best with your room, (e.g. Hosting a Heaven Or Hell game would be put in the category “Habbo Games”)

Maximum amount of visitors: Select how many Habbos you wish to be able to visit at one time.

Trade Settings: The theme of the room determines what setting you use, e.g. An events room would turn trading off during the game, but an auction room would let everybody trade.

Tags: This helps your room become noticed on the navigator. Use code words that are popular searches (e.g. Auction, Trade, or Habbox)

Enlist room in navigator top lists by furniture content: Allows the room to be ranked in the navigator by how much furniture is present in the room.

Room blocking not allowed: This is also known as ‘walkthrough’. When the box is ticked, users can walk through each other.







Room Access

The second tab, named ‘Access’, is the section which will allow you to edit who can enter your room, both Habbos and Pets.


Open – anyone can enter: Anybody may search for your room on the navigator and enter whenever they want, whether you’re online or offline.

Visitors have to ring the doorbell: Anyone who wants to enter your room must ring the doorbell, you may accept or decline anyone who may enter your room.

Invisible in navigator to users without rights: Your room does not appear on the navigator at all to anyone unless you have given that person rights.

Password is required to enter this room: You may set a password for people to enter the room, once they have the password, they may access your room at any time

Allow pets: Players may bring any pet of theirs and place it in your room.

Allow others’ pets to eat food: Other player’s pets may eat any food you have placed down.











The third tab, named ‘Rights’, is the section which will allow you to edit who has rights in your room. Remember: To give someone rights in a group room, you need to give them Administrator in your group.

Filter: Search for your friends to add/remove rights.

Users with rights: The number of users who has rights in the room.

Clear All: This removes everyone’s rights in the room.

Friends without rights: This tells you how many of your friends have rights in your room.
















HC Extras

The third tab, named ‘Vip/Chat’, is the section which will allow you to edit various HC & Chat settings. For editing most of these settings, you should be a member of Habbo Club.


Hide room walls: This option will hide the walls of your room. This is only for HC members.

Normal walls: Choose from different types of walls for your room; thinnest – thick.

Normal floors: Choose from different types of floors for your room; thinnest – thick.

Line-by Line Mode: This chooses how chat bubbles appear in your room. If (old) is selected, chat bubbles will take longer to disappear, and will move up quickly if many people talk at the same time. If (bubbles can pass) is selected, then chat bubbles will not move up as fast, and multiple chat bubbles can appear on one line.

Normal bubbles: The dimensions of a chat bubble (wide, thin etc.)

Normal scrolling up: How fast a chat bubble disappears (fast, slow etc.)

Standard anti-flood protection: How difficult it is to flood/spam your room (extra, minimal etc.)

Maximum chat hearing distance:  How far away people can hear you in a room talking normally. In large rooms, most players must shout to be heard from the one side of the room.








The fifth tab, named ‘ModTool’, is the section which will allow you to edit what Moderation features people with rights have, as well as unbanning individuals from your room.


Who can mute: Select who can mute people in your room.

Who can kick: Select who can kick people in your room.

Who can ban: Select who can ban people in your room.

Banned Users: A list of users that are banned from entering your room.

Unban: Select a user to unban them from your room.

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