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Pets are just like real life: they’re fun, varied, and intellectual. Unlike real life pets, Habbo pets often say human things too. If you decide to buy a pet, then you can expect to have it for a lifetime and you’ll be able to either keep it in your inventory or in a room where it will walk around freely. You might also enjoy taking your pets to another room which you don’t own.


If you’re not a lover of dogs, then you might prefer to ride your own Horse or own your own spider. Luckily for us, Habbo has a wide selection of indoor and outdoor pets to spruce up your rooms Habbo experience.
Most pets do the exact same thing so it doesn’t really matter which you pick. Just remember not to pick a pet that might scare a friend coming to visit your house!

Purchasing a pet

Buying a pet can only be done one way – through the Habbo Catalogue. Unfortunately, once you buy your pet, you won’t be able to trade it with a friend or sell it in the marketplace. Your pet will forever be yours, so be sure to choose one that you like.
Once you’re in the Habbo Catalogue, click the ‘Pets’ tab at the top and browse through the different species and colours of pets. When you find one you’re interested in, simply buy it just as you would with any other piece of furniture. Remember to think hard about the name because there’s no going back once you’ve clicked enter.

What can your pet do?

Your pet can perform lots of unique acts. They might thank you for food, ask you for a drink, and you can even train them to teach them some tricks.
One of the most popular things to do with a pet is to train them as this is how you can improve your Achievement Score and gain extra Badges. Some Habbos are kind enough to set up rooms specifically for training, which provide free food for your pet. If you’re wanting to train, then it might be worth looking for a room like this.



As with everything, there are of course limitations. Habbo tries to make the website as realistic as possible, and so they will (mostly) behave like a real-life pet. It’s important to remember the following about Habbo Pets:

● They can’t talk to you
● Not all room owners have ‘Allow other pets’ enabled – meaning you won’t be able to take your pet to every room
● They won’t always listen to your commands, it takes time (just like a real-life pet!)
● You can use some pets more than others – for example, dogs mostly walk around whereas you can ride a horse
● For some pets, you’ll need to buy extras for them. For example, to allow you and a friend to ride your horse, you might need a saddle
● When purchasing pets, the costs vary. It’s important you take this into consideration

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