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Habbox Competitions!

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Habbox Competitions!
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Saturday Night Quiz!

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Trading Pass

The trading pass enables you to trade with other Habbos and get more Credits or furniture. It was announced in February 2009, and assisted Habbo’s campaign with promoting safe trading. Obtaining your pass can be quite daunting to newcomers to the hotel. When actually, it’s pretty simple! Here’s a quick guide to help you. Remember: You can only use this guide whenever you’re on a computer.

Step 1: Access your TalentsTo access your Talents panel, you need to look at the bottom left of your screen and click the small icon of your Habbo’s head. Once you have found it, click on ‘Talents’.

The Habbo WayYou will then want to read through the Safety Tips, also known as the ‘Habbo Way’. You will have to answer a few questions to pass this step so make sure you’re concentrating.

Step 2: Respect othersThings are getting more active now! You will need to change your Habbo look for the first time, be nice and pass on 2 respects by clicking on another Habbo and click ‘give respects’, and you then need to spend a total of 30 minutes and visit 5 rooms in the Hotel.

Step 3: Stay activeYou’re so close, the trading pass is nearly yours. All you have to do now is be a Habbo for 1 full day, spend a total of 60 minutes logged into the hotel. and visit 20 rooms.

And you’re done!Once you’ve completed these tasks, you will be automatically rewarded your Trading Pass. Habbos can disable their trading on their profile through the settings page on Habbo. If a player goes ahead with this, they must then wait 48 hours before they can enable their trading pass again.

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