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Fansites are user-led websites and communities which support Habbo. Most fansites offer lots of different and exciting competitions, news, events and guides. Fansites are communities and spaces Habbo players can express themselves. There have been a number of official and unofficial fansite throughout the years. However, now there are only 6 Official Habbo Fansites. Becoming an Official Fansite means that they’ve been chosen and accepted by Habbo to support them.

How to become an Official Habbo Fansite

Becoming an Official Fansite, the fansite owners would have to apply when applications were opened – this used to be every 6 months. Habbo Staff would then review these applications, choosing the best to become Official Fansites. Unfortunately over time Habbo have stopped opening applications for several years now.

Applications were tough, over the years Habbo kept reducing the number of Official Fansites allowed at one time. Being spotted as an Official Fansite would be determined by your fansites commitments, kindness, activity and transparency towards the wider Habbo community.

The current Official Fansites can be found [here].

What do you get from becoming an Official Fansite?

Official Fansites can receive a number of cool perks. These are given to them to help recognise their fansite as an Official Habbo Fansite and assisting with managing their fansite. Most fansite management and staff are all volunteers, and they have big communities of past and present Habbos who communicate using their forums, websites, social media feeds or through Habbo itself.

Up to 5 representatives of each Official Fansite get a fashionable badge – this is usually given to the owners, admins or general managers – to make them recognisable on the hotel. Each fansite also receives monthly free subscriptions of 2 Habbo Club (HC) and 2 Builders Club (BC) – which is given to users of the fansites choice.

Unlike unofficial sites, Official Fansites help with creating monthly badge events as well as occasional general fansite badge events and/or fansite live events to entertain Habbos – this also gives the opportunity for fansites to use badges from different hotels. Official Fansites may also make their own badges and get them added to the Hotel at times. Official Fansites have a scheduled monthly meeting with Habbo Staff (Community Manager) on the Habbo client. This is organised through the special fansite only email communication line directly with Habbo Staff. Through this email Habbo may send out images and models of upcoming furniture lines, organising of the fansites monthly badge event, uploading new badges and more!


Habbo Fansite Owner

I own and manage a fansite for Habbo!

Ask me for the details.

Code: HFAN1


Can I work at one?

Most fansites are always hiring and looking for new talent, whether it may be hosting occasional events, DJing for their radio, creating new content for their sites or building for a badge event. Each fansite will either have a forum board, web page or social media advertising their current opportunities.

Working at an Official Fansite is not only fun, but it also gives you lots of experience, from meeting new people and developing new and/or old skills. Lots of Habbox staff and management have gone on to real-life jobs where they’ve discussed their voluntary job at Habbox! You can see a list of jobs and roles Habbox has to offer here.

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