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Habbox Easter Eggstravaganza: Outgunned Bun-Buns Overrun by Young Ones11
By - Posted 29th March, 2021 at 9:26 pm Habbox

It’s time once again for HxEE, the Habbox Easter Eggstravaganza! That word never gets easier to type.

We’ve got HUNDREDS of credits for you to win across a slew of fab wabbit-welated challenges and competitions, as well as a points system for ultimate victory and eeeeven more credits for our top contestants!

[Read More to see what we’ve got in store for you this Easter!]

Last year we took you on a trip through space to the Planet Eastar, where Lord Thumper and Lady Marshmallow were waging war on one another for supremacy of the planet. If you missed it (or want a refresher) you can read the opening story by clicking here and the ending by clicking here.

Now that you’re caught up, let’s see what this year brings us from the terrible twosome…


Return to Planet Eastar!


It had been a long year, and like most places the Habbox offices were empty. If anyone had been there, they’d have seen the air ripple and seem to split open for a fraction of a second while two very tired giant rabbits slipped through a gap between dimensions. Things being as they are, however, no-one was around, and the rabbits in question were not happy about it.

“Workshy layabouts! Where in the name of Good Green Grass is everyone?” exclaimed one, fumbling for a light switch.

“Must be some sort of holiday they’re all having,” replied the other while helping herself to the use of a Habbox computer. “Just a moment, I’ll set up a Zoom call”.

Moments later, the bunnies had connected themselves on a call with the General Managers. Ozad had no trousers on and hadn’t quite angled the camera to fully hide the fact, lawrawrrr was wearing a Minnie Mouse dressing gown and Ugg boots, and FlyingJesus had a mouthful of ham, but they had all responded immediately and attentively to the call invitation coming from the office. They have after all still been working very hard this year 😉

The GMs were taken aback at seeing the rabbits on screen, but only for a second. Weirder things happen at Habbox all the time. They did however notice that the rabbits, who were of course their old friends Lord Thumper and Lady Marshmallow, certainly didn’t look like the well polished rulers of Eastar that they used to!

“Oh hey guys,” said FlyingJesus, swallowing his ham and reaching off-screen for some more. “Coronavirus getting you down too?”

“Coronavirus?” responded Lady Marshmallow. “No, the only virus we’ve had was when Thumper tried to download music from the Pirates of Eastar Bay. We’re here because we need your help again! We had a fantastic time doing what rabbits do once the war was over, but now-”

“I don’t even care,” lawrawrrr cut her off as she leaned in toward the camera. “If you haven’t got corona on Eastar then we’re in, let’s go”.

Wordlessly the bunny rulers uploaded the teleportation program to the GMs, who immediately set off with a now-familiar WHOooOOoooOOoOSH of intergalactic transport.

The problem was instantly apparent.

A fantastic time indeed, Ozad thought to himself.

It turns out that the Lord and Lady had had a huuuuuuuge litter of kits (that’s the name for baby bun-buns) since the antics of HxEE last year – so many that the cheeky youngsters are out of control and refusing to come home for bathtime. We have the same problem with Ruth-On-Toast. Poor old Thumper and Marshmallow really need a good rest, so now it’s up to you guys to round up the kits who are hiding all over the place.

It seems that even if you rule the planet, you can never truly rule your children!



Get yourself over to the HxEE 2021 forum to find your tasks! You’ll have right up until 10pm BST on Monday 5th April to get them done so you can complete them at your own pace, but make sure to do them all for the most chances to win!

There are also MORE points and prizes to win in the competitions forum with comps marked [HxEE], so don’t miss out on those!

Oh, and because I’m feeling kind, you can grab 10 easy free points just by commenting on this article! Now that’s some Easter goodwill.

Good luck to all of our wonderful bunny babysitters!

Like! 6
    lucpix commented on 30th March, 2021


    jamiexo commented on 30th March, 2021

    HOPPY EASTER. ptsptspts

    __tbl commented on 30th March, 2021

    three cheers for Habbox Easter Eggstravaganza!!!!

    Chipmunks commented on 30th March, 2021


    Erick commented on 30th March, 2021

    Happy Easter *give chocolate eggs* to all Habbox family

    Symbols commented on 31st March, 2021


    Oivind commented on 31st March, 2021


    Queen Stealth commented on 1st April, 2021


    AnthonySall21 commented on 3rd April, 2021

    Happy Easter!

    Hola. commented on 4th April, 2021


    mochi commented on 6th April, 2021

    Happy easter x

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