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Build your room

Under the category ‘Build your room’ there is a series of achievements that help you explore everything that Habbo has to offer in terms of decorating your room!


Miracle of Ice

For this achievement you need to build a room with a certain number of ice skating patches in it, these are available in the builders’ club – so there’s no need to spend your coins to gain this achievement! There are 10 levels in total, the final level can be completed by having 170 ice skating patches in your room.

Hi, Roller

To gain this achievement, you need to build a Roller Rink with a certain number of roller patches! There are 10 levels in total, you can gain the final level of this achievement by having 170 roller patches in your room.

Room Builder

For this achievement you simply need to place furni in a room! There are 20 levels in total, to finish all of these you need to have 410 items of furni in a single room.

Furni Collector

Similar to the previous achievement, the ‘Furni collector’ achievement is based on furni quantity. The more furni you own, the higher level you achieve! There are 20 levels in total, you need to collect 384 different items of furni to complete all levels.

Room Host

dYou can also gain an achievement for hosting people in your room! The more time other Habbos spend in your room, the further through this achievement! To complete all 20 levels, you need to have other people spend at least 33,355,580 minutes (555,926 hours) in your room.


This achievement relies on having a certain number of Bunny Run patches in your room, the 10th and final level can be achieved by building a room with 170 Bunny Run patches.

My Hole Room

For this achievement you need to use Black Holes to edit the layout of your room, these can be used as a non-BC alternative to editing the floorplan. There are 10 levels, to complete the highest level you need 170 Black Holes in your room.

Snowboarding Builder

Building with Snowboard patches will help you gain this achievement. There are only 5 levels; the highest of which is gained after building with 160 Snowboard patches.

Builders’ Club Designer

There are a total of 20 levels for this achievement; you can progress through these by building a room with furniture from the Builders’ Club.

Travelling Salesman

This achievement is new to Habbo 2020. How far you have progressed through its 5 levels determines your maximum sale limit for posting items in the marketplace.  You can earnt his achievement by selling items in the marketplace.

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