Habboxmas is (almost) here!

Habboxmas is (almost) here!

Christmas has arrived at Habbox! Our Habboxmas event is just round the corner - keep your eyes peeled for more information soon!!

Habboxmas is (almost) here!
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Join the team

Whether you're a music fan, a writer, a builder or designer, we've got roles for you! Apply now to join our friendly & active staff team... snowball fights included.

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Habbo2020 news

Habbo2020 news

Keep up to date with the latest news about the new Habbo client on our articles

Habbo2020 news
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Your Profile Achievements

Your Profile is a category in the Achievements list on Habbo. There are 11 achievements to complete in the category, and you will earn 1 Achievement Point for each one you complete. This guide will go through each and show you how to complete them.

True You

For this achievement you need to activate your email address that you used when creating your Habbo account . Go to your email and click on Activate account .

Looks that Kill

For this achievement you need to change your Habbo’s look for the first time. Click on your avatar and then Change Looks.

Habbo Name

For this achievement you need to select your Habbos name when you sign up. Click on yourself and click Change Name. This achievement can only be done once.
Habbo Club Member and HC Member
There are two achievements for Habbo Club, both with the same requirements. To achieve them you will need to join Habbo Club and to finish all levels be a member for 48 months.
True Habbo
For this achievement you need to be a Habbo member for a certain number of days. The highest level is given to Habbos who have been registered for 1,825 days.
Safety Tips
For this achievement you need to complete the Safety Quiz which appears when you sign up.
Online Time
For this achievement you need to have a certain amount of online time. The highest level is given to Habbos who spend 138,420 minutes online (2,307 hours)
Habbo Citizen
For this achievement you need to pass the Habbo Citizen Talent Track. Click on your picture in the bottom left corner and then Talents which will show your Citizen Track and some achievements you need to complete. The achievements you will need to do are:
  • Safety Tips – Read the safety tips
  • Looks That Kill  – Change your looks
  • Nice As Pie! I – Give 2 respects
  • Running Room Raider II – Visit 20 rooms
  • 10% True Habbo II – Be a Habbo for 3 days
  • Socializer I – Get 2 friends
  • Online Time III – Spend a total of 120 minutes on the hotel
  • Habbo Way – Pass the Habbo Way quiz

Hotel Guest
For this achievement you need to log in to the hotel every day. The highest level is given to Habbos who log in for 335 consecutive days in a row. Make sure to log in every day because if you miss a day, it will reset back to 0 (although you will keep any achievements earned).
Builders’ Club Member
For this achievement you need to be a member of Builders Club. The highest achievement is given to Habbo who are a member for 1,984 days.

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