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HxSS is coming!

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HxSS is coming!
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Revamped Habbox guides!

Revamped Habbox guides!

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Revamped Habbox guides!
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Melting Carpets

You will need:

Carpets (x6) Holodice / Dicemaster (x1)

This guide will show you how to set up the game Melting Carpets for you to host. For more information on the game, including how to play, check out our wiki page by clicking here.

Step 1: Add the mats

Place six carpets in two rows of three and block off the sides, making sure the players cannot walk out of the playing area. Place a Holodice/Dicemaster in the Host’s area.

Events: Telephrase

Events: Name Three

Events: Find The Teleporter

Events: Guess The Value

Events: Don’t Roll A Six

Events: Fridge Game

Events: Snake

Events: Lucky Chair