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Habbox Summer Spectacular

Habbox Summer Spectacular

Thanks to all of our lovely hosts, DJs, leaders and players for the biggest HxSS ever! Join us at the awards show on 8 September to see who won!

Habbox Summer Spectacular
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Big Kahuna Winners!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015

You’ll literally fall off your surfboard when you see these… they are wicked!

Some people are great at graphic designing! I guess everyone has their talents! Did you enter this competition? I tried but I forgot to send my entry in… for the people that got their design sent in well done to you! But only some got through and won. Only eighteen Habbos have been given a prize. The prize’s were a Boost Mobile branded surfboard and a rare Architeuthis teleport!

If you won, your entry would be judged by Tyler, Mikey and Kirby each a great surfer. The winners were announced during the VIP vist, the vist was today, March 9th.  At the moment. If you won and got chose by Tyler, Mikey and Kirby a big well done to you!

Congratulations to all who entered and won! You can view a full list of winners by clicking read more!


Once again, congratulations to all winners and please feel free to leave a comment!

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Tango with Rango0
By - Posted

There is a chance for you to win a limited edition Rango furni and you can also get the Rango effect for a limited time!53untitledrango.png

All of you Habbos from have helped the Habbo staff so much by keeping Rango happy and safe, that Rango has decided to appreciate you all with some amazing limited edition Rango furni for the special Habbos that join the group page. The Rango limited furni is going to be the theme from the Rango film, Wild West style. So all of the furni that’s in the film should be as furni, like the amazing Rango cactus.

That’s not all, because the Rango pixel effect was in so much usage since it was released, Habbo have decided to re-release it to all of you for a limited time only.

If you want to get this Rango cactus and you have no clue on how to get it, then listen carefully. The first thing you’ll have to do is to join the group page, and well that’s it. So after you’ve joined the group page the Rango cactus will be secretly put in there by Rango himself. The Rango pixel effect will also be put into your effects, but the effects will only stay in there for 30 minutes and then Rango will steal it from you.

There’s also a video on the group page and a question where you can win a prize. Click the ‘Read More’ button to find out more about it.

Rango’s Group Page here:

Watch the trailer on the group page and answer the questions in Rango’s Wild West Saloon to win Rango’s toy fish badge. Correct answers will be sent the badge on 11th March.

I’m going to sign upto the group page now and get my Rango cactus. Woop Woop.

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Olly Murs is back!0
By - Posted
As most of you might know, last summer Olly Murs payed a visit to Habbo hotel..         olly murs
Well, he’s back! He has been very busy since he last visited and has managed to release a new single called ‘Heart on My Sleeve’ which is out now! Olly may be a mega famous celebrity, but he still has the time to pay his good friends on Habbo a visit! This song shows a different side to Ollys music, he’s about to go on a journey on his sold out UK tour, but he loves us enough to come and visit us first!
The question probably buzzing in your minds now is ‘when and where?!’ He will be visiting on Tuesday the 8th of March at 4:30pm GMT! Olly will be chilling in the star lounge answering your questions and just having a general chit chat with us all. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity so make sure you’re there! If you want to watch the music video for ‘Heart on My sleeve’ just simply click here

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Movie Trailer winners!0
By - Posted

As you know, for the Oscars Habbo has been putting on all sorts of competitions and games in celebration..habbo curtain

The most recent competition was to create your own movie trailer in Habbo style, so you could do any movie trailer you like with any furni you like. Loads of people entered! The original amount of winners was supposed to be 20, but because there was so many good ones, they extended it to 35 winners!

Wow, that’s allot of winners! All of the actors and directors won themselves a Habbowood badge, the directors also bagged themselves a full set of Habbowood furni. If you would like to see some of the winning trailers, simply click here. Congratulations to all of the directors and actors who won!  

The winners were: Alphaet, xSjanney., Axuu, xLDx, Alaier, keenan, Alkea, GentleMush, frenchkiss16!, rrz, nudgieCandyblock, Glamaruz, Reliable,, Shutdown!, Credzo, Wopee, Kaboom.Girl, Lilmizzmoonlightfamouscookies, Jay-russell, Vedso, kiddiddies97, BB, Sick,Boy.Wow, TiR-, Snow-angel., Astronomist, Kayut, Extremeslayer, Moad, Fynella, michael541, SUPERchips and finally Chiben.



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Stray Pixels February!0
By - Posted

Stray Pixels is back and this month it was all about the hotel from scratch!Stray Pixels!

It seems this month Stray Pixels was hard. Very hard. It was a very difficult theme! But some managed to crack the egg and created a fantastic picture. If you didn’t know this months theme was to think how the hotel began!

Like I said above, the theme was thinking about the hotel from scratch. Some people amazed habbo staff by their fantastic graphics. Some were that good their jaws dropped to the ground! And because of the difficult theme habbo staff chose 6 winner instead of the normal 3. 

And the winners are…


Congratulations to you guys! If you see these guys in the hotel I suggest you say a big well done to them! If your jaw drops just watch out because the new frogs and spiders like mouths…

The Theme for this month, March, is: Photo Shoot Gone Wrong. This was submitted by EliteRiches well done to you too! 

If you think you have the talent to enter Stray Pixels then click here to go to the Stray Pixels group page. If you do enter good luck! 

Feel free to leave a comment!

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