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I'm an Addict0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015

I know I have problems. I just can’t stop scoffing sweets! Anything with high amounts of sugBingear in I want to gobble up! I guess you could say I’m addicted to sugar…. and that’s probably right.


From looking at me you probably wouldn’t guess that I am, not that I look extremely healthy, but I’m quite thin and not large like you would expect someone who only eats sugary foods. It’s not just food; I also only drink fizzy drinks which probably doesn’t do my teeth a whole lot of good. It is definitely diet I wouldn’t recommend… I wouldn’t say I feel ill all the time, but after a binge, I do feel a bit sick. It seems a good idea when I am buying the sweets, and while I’m eating them it definitely seems a good idea, but about half an hour afterwards I feel extremely sick. It’s not just me suffering though, my wallet is also suffering. I spend A LOT on sweets and fizzy drinks! I usually spend between £10 – £20 a week. And I’m funding it out of money I have laying around, this is Christmas money, birthday money, pocket money, savings, everything. I know that I am wasting my money but I have no self-control or discipline!


My typical daily sweet intake: cans of Coke, 1 two litre bottle of Irn Bru, 1 or 2 small chocolate bar(s), 1 packet of Mint Imperials/Lemon Sherbets, Kinder Buenos + anything else I fancy.


This is definitely not a diet I would recommend and I am trying to take steps to limit my sweets intake! I’d love to hear your opinion on my diet so do leave your comments!

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The Pretty Reckless are off to the US!0
By - Posted


After their huge success tour around the UK, The Pretty Reckless are packing their bags and are off to the USA! The great star Taylor Momsen from the famous TV series Gossip Girl and her rockin’ band are hitting the road starting off in Los Angeles to perform their latest album Light Me Up

In the UK The Pretty Reckless‘ album has already been at the top of the charts for six whole weeks which didn’t surprise me as I am in love with this album! They’re so great that they have even toured in the very famous Vans Warped Tour with well known bands around the country!

The album consists of ten brilliant songs which are My Medicine, Since You’re Gone, Make Me Wanna’ Die, Light Me Up, Just Tonight, Miss Nothing, Goin’ Down, Nothing Left To Lose, Factory Girl and You and now it’s the American’s turn to listen to these great hits! Keep reading and I shall post a few songs from this album, but you’ll have to check the album out for yourself!

Click ‘Read More’ to view their tour dates and whereabouts and also some of their hits!

February 11 Los Angeles, CA El Rey Theatre
February 12 San Diego, CA Soma Sidestage
February 14 Scottsdale, AZ Martini Ranch
February 17 Austin, TX Stubb’s
February 18 Houston, TX HOB Bronze Peacock
February 19 Dallas, TX House of Blues Cambridge
February 20 Oklahoma City, OK The Conservatory
February 22 St. Louis, MO Firebird
February 23 Indianapolis, IN Earth House
February 24 Pontiac, MI The Pike Room
February 25 Niagara Falls, NY Hard Rock Café
February 26 Toronto, ON Tattoo Rock Parlour
February 27 Montreal, QC La Tulipe
March 2 New York, NY Santo’s Party House
March 3 Boston, MA Brighton Music Hall
March 4 Philadelphia, PA World Café Live
March 10 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen
March 11 Columbus, OH The Basement
March 12 Cleveland, OH Grog Shop
March 13 Pittsburgh, PA Club AE
March 16 Baltimore, MD Ottobar
March 17 Vienna VA Jammin Java
March 18 Asbury Park, NJ Wonder Bar
March 20 Hartford, CT Webster Underground

The Pretty Reckless – Just Tonight click here!
The Pretty Reckless – Miss Nothing click here!
The Pretty Reckless – Make Me Wanna’ Die click here!

 Read More of Habbox News for the lastest Habbox, Habbo and Real Life news!

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Facebook? Pregnant? No thanks!0
By - Posted

Now is this article going to be a moan about teenagersunderage sex, or Facebook? All three it turns out. I’ve just signed into my Facebook to be greeted by a wonderful status on my newsfeed:Facebook Logo


“didn’t know you could get pregnant whilst you’ve got the implant in. l:”


I’m stunned. Why the heck would you post this on Facebook of all places? I’ve seen it more and more lately, people posting such pointless rubbish on a social networking site! Call me old fashioned, but I’m not too sure why anyone would want to broadcast someone’s sex life over the internet – it’s just immoral and downright stupid. This person is younger than me and things like this are being posted. Ugh.


Gone are the days of teenagers acting like human beings; the stereotype of lazy, spotty, binge-drinking idiots is slowly becoming a reality in my eyes. Facebook is a social networking site but I think some people may be taking this to a whole new level. Facebook has great potential and it has already taken off to be one of the most visited sites in the world; yet we need to remember that it is unsafe in the hands of unsafe people. Be careful what you post and be careful who you add!

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31 Killed By Bomb Attack In Moscow0
By - Posted

Scenes from the airport31 people have been confirmed dead with another 130 injured after a suicide bomb blast today at Moscow’s biggest airport, Domodedovo.

Out of the 130 people that were injured, 51 of those are currently in hospital, 35 of them in serious conditions. The blast took place in a lounge area, close to the International Departures zone, near a cafe, contrary to earlier reports that the bomb went off in the international luggage reclaim zone. 31 have been confirmed dead, but emergency staff called to the scene have claimed there could potentially be up to 70 losses.

In what must have been a terrifying expirience, Mark Green, a passenger from a British Airways flight had just left the terminal when the bomb went off. “Literally, it shook you,” he told the BBC. “As we were putting the bags in the car a lot of alarms were going off and people started flowing out of the terminal, some of whom were covered in blood.”

The Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, has taken to Twitter to promise that those responsible for the tragic attack will be tracked down and punished. “Security will be strengthened at large transport hubs,” he wrote. “We mourn the victims of the terrorist attack at Domodedovo airport. The organisers will be tracked down and punished.”

It is Russia’s most devastating attack since March 2010, when two Muslim female suicide bombers let off explosives in the metro, killing approximately 40 people, which was Russia’s worst attack since 2004.

This news is really upsetting to hear. I hate to think we still live in a world where people think something like this is necessary to make their voices heard. I hope the death toll doesn’t increase any time soon, and my best wishes go out to the families whom have lost loved ones today.

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Bruno Mars Scores Chart Double0
By - Posted

Bruno MarsAmerican singer Bruno Mars has topped both the singles and albums charts in the UK this week, increasing his huge popularity.

Mars’ single ‘Grenade‘ retains the top spot for the second week running, holding off tough competition from the likes of Adele at number two, P Diddy at number four and Britney Spears, whose comeback single ‘Hold It Against Me‘ debuted at number six, which is surprising considering the amount of hype that’s been surrounding the song, however it is likely to climb.

Else where in the singles chart, Jessie J maintains a strong position at number three with her debut single ‘Do It Like A Dude’, and another ‘big for 2011’ artist, Wretch 32, who charts at number five with the song ‘Traktor‘. 

Bruno’s debut album ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans‘ lands straight in at number one on the other side of the charts this week, knocking Rihanna’s fifth effort ‘Loud‘ into second place, after dominating the UK charts in recent weeks. 

Another new entry in the album charts comes from rock band White Lies with their second album ‘Ritual’, which charted at number three, following on from their impressive debut album which hit the number one spot. Adele’s debut album ‘19‘ also re-appears in the top ten this week at number eight, ahead of the release of her new album ‘21‘ out tomorrow.

Though I’m not a huge fan of Bruno Mars, it would be hard to dismiss his talent and deny that he has been extremely successful in his career so far, and I think he will go on to achieve big things.

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