All aboard the Habboxwagon!

All aboard the Habboxwagon!

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All aboard the Habboxwagon!
HxSS Awards results!

HxSS Awards results!

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HxSS Awards results!
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Crackable Furni

The new Picnic Basket furni is out, allowing you to get your pixel hands on some new delights including some very cosy outfits! These are the latest in a looong history of crackable furni - check out how many there have been since they first appeared ten years ago!

Current Habbo Campaign

Autumn Fashion Shoot

It's time to cosy up as September is the month of the Autumn Fashion Shoot on Habbo! Be sure to check out the new rares, the new crackables and the re-release of old room bundles!

Featured: Angel Wings


Newest item: Shark Puppy


New furni

diamond_painting73 name
diamond_painting71 name
diamond_painting68 name
diamond_painting66 name
diamond_painting65 name
diamond_painting64 name
diamond_painting67 name
Gem Snake
Gold H-Phone
Peacock Vase
Prime Geode
Solid Gold Stag Head
Golden Decanter
Divine Statue
clothing_bohonecklace name
Boho Print Shirt
Clumsily Tied Bun
Adorable Sunhat
Tiger Accessories
test_nft_clothing2 name
Hello Kitty Backpack
Hello Kitty Hat
clothing_laalaa name
clothing_po name
clothing_dipsy name
clothing_tinkywinky name
Wine Red Star Hat
Blue Sapphire Star Hat

Wired: Enter Room Message

This guide will allow you to have an automatic message when users enter a room. This is a brilliant way to advertise for Event Organisers. Step 1: User Enters Room. Place the WIRED Trigger: User Enters Room wired on the floor, double click to open up the menu and ensure that “Any user” is selected. […]

Wired: Lever Opens Door

If you’re an Agency owner, then this will be useful. For your security area you may need this, so you don’t need to give out rights to lots of people. It can also be helpful if you’re letting a friend use your room to host and you don’t want to hand out rights, or perhaps […]

Events: Falling Furni

This guide will show you how to set up the game Falling Furni for you to host. For more information on the game, including how to play and useful keywords, check out our wiki page by clicking here. Step 1: Regular version The regular version of the game Falling Furni requires no set-up. You will […]

Events: Lucky Chair

This guide will show you how to set up the game Lucky Chair for you to host. For more information on the game, including how to play, check out our wiki page by clicking here. Step 1: Set up the layout and place the seats Close off a section of the playing area so that […]

Habbo 2020: Making a Room Event

Having a party? Hosting a fun game? Perhaps you want to entice more people to your room – here’s how. Step 1: Open up Room info There are two ways to do this. If you’re already in the room you want to promote, click the green icon with the “i” in it at the bottom […]

Habbo 2020: All About Groups

Make and join groups with your friends to share interests. Groups have had some changes in the Unity client. Read on to find out more, and how to manage and create groups. Group forums Group forums are currently not functional in the new Unity client. As you can see below, the area is “under construction”. […]

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