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Rare Values updates & Habbo20200
By - Posted 10th December, 2020 at 11:16 pm Habbo

Later this month, Habbo will launch their new client – also known as Habbo2020. One of the biggest (and saddest) changes is to trading.

For those of you that don’t know, the major changes to trading on the new client is that there is not, and will never be, in-room P2P trading again. The Marketplace still works (and they’re introducing private listings “soon”) but there’s a 10%-60% tax on your sales – ouch!

Habbox has long had a great connection with the trading community and we want to continue to support that.

We’ve been working hard to bring some valuable changes to our ways of working and our system(s) to support the community through these times.

Please read on to find out more, and ask us questions on Twitter if you have any!


Changes to Habbo?

We know that the first question for a lot of you is going to be what changes are happening?

Well, you’re in luck! We just published our new Habbo2020 guides section of the site.

They’re your first step for all your questions about what’s going on or how to use the new client (once it launches!). You can check out all the guides – as well as a handy feature to ask us anything about the new client by going to habbox.com/2020


Buying furni

Selling furni

Group forums


We know how important group forums are to the trading community. Sadly, group forums will not be functioning at first when Habbo2020 launches and there are some big changes to group membership. You can read more about changes to groups on our All About Groups guide.

To make sure you can continue to talk about & share information about rares and trades, please check out our Trading Forum (habbox.com/trade). You’re at no risk of being kicked out of that forum (unless you break the rules) and we’ll keep logs & history as long as we’re here.

You can also continue to request values on our Official Price Check thread which our Values team will be monitoring. This is just the first of the new threads we’re hoping to provide a (temporary!) home to.

You can find the Official Price Check thread by going to habbox.com/pc and all other trading questions & threads over at habbox.com/trade.

See history & comment

On our Values system itself, we’ve launched some new changes too.

One of the big changes to the Marketplace is the removal of sales graphs. While we can’t replicate that amount of data, our team of expert traders update values almost every day. Now, you can see price history on most of our values. That history dates back to Summer 2018, so you can see 2 years worth of data (with a few hiccups)!

Just head to our Values section and search for the item you’re looking for. You can also use our top suggestions – featured item, recently updated, most viewed or search by category.

We’ve also introduced Comments for the first time to items as well. Once you’re on an item page, you can leave a comment about how much you love that item, or even if you want to buy or sell (like I’ve done in the screenshot below!). You can now also reply to comments – why not let me know you’re totally down to buy one of my Darkstar Dragons?


I’d like to thank our fantastic Rare Values Managers – Graspingg and HaleKane for their input & support, as well as DJ_Shadow and URT Forum. We’ve got some more tricks up our sleeve to come, but we hope this is a good first step to support the trading community through some tough times ahead.

If there’s anything you’d like to see us work on or introduce, please let us know in the comments below!

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