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HabboxWiki celebrates 2,000 pages

HabboxWiki celebrates 2,000 pages

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HabboxWiki celebrates 2,000 pages
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Skate the night away!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015

Habbo have just realised some brand spangin’ new furni! Its some rollerskating furni! Buy a rollerskating pack, walk about on it and get skates! Just like Ice skating but… Warmer!

Habbo are looking for the craziest, wierdest and funniest rollerskating derby team!

Do you think you and you’re friend’s have what it takes to win the crown? Well why not try?! All you have to do is follow these steps!!  

How to enter:

First of all, get 4 of you’re friend’s and form a rollerskating derby team! Then, after getting 4 of you’re friend’s you have to think of a name for your team! After picking a name you have to pick a team kit. I suggest you pick a theme. Finally, the last step describe your characters – decribe their skills and personality!

  • Take a screenshot of your team wearing the kit you have chosen and attach it to the e-mail
  • Send the e-mail to and as the title put: ”Roller Derby Team”
  • Dont forget to list the 4 Habbo’s who helped you! (Including yourself!)

Read on for more information regarding the closing date and prizes for this competition!

The Prizes!

The eighteen finalists with the best derby teams will be selected and each member will score a Valentines 2011 badge and a month of Habbo VIP!

After the finalists comes the winners. The Habbo community will vote for their favourite team and the lucky winners will be crowned Habbo’s best rollerskating derby team! And winning this will score you a Gold Duo Trophy signed by Habbo staff! (Wicked!)

Entries close Monday February 7th, 7am EST (that’s 8pm in Singapore, 11pm in Sydney, 4am in Los Angeles and 12 noon in London!)

Good luck!

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Show your friends some love!0
By - Posted

Do you love your friends? Well if you do, Habbo is giving everyone the chance to show their friends how much they love them by giving them a Friendship Bracelet badge!

 As part of the Valentines Quest, everyone will be given the chance to surprise their loved ones with the special badge. Keep reading if you want to know how you can get one!

 From the quest window, you will be invited to treat a friend to a Friendship Bracelet badge. The quest window is the heart shaped button in the menu inside the hotel. After you accept the quest, you need to find the person you want to give the badge to. To give them the badge, click on their Habbo first, then click the ‘Give Badge’ button.

 Select the badge you’d like to give to them and then click ‘Give Badge’ again and its delivered! Please note that you’ll have one badge available each day. You will be able to give a badge everyday for the next 12 days.
The Habbos that receives the Friendship Bracelet badge will gain one level for their Friendship Bracelet Achievement and 1 Heart. You will also gain experience towards the Heart Collector Achievement and you’ll gain 1 Heart for completing the Quest. Good luck!

To read the full article, click here.
Personally, I love that fact that Habbo is giving Habbos the chance to win badges.

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YAP You heard Right! YAP Ambassadors Finally Announced!0
By - Posted

A while ago you may remember the charity YAP setting up their residency in the hotel, to help raise awareness for breast cancer for both boys and girls. They were looking for a group of volunteers, the ambassadors, to help in their mission. Well now at last, those ambassadors have been chosen!YAP Girl

The past few months have seen possible candidates trying to prove themselves by hosting events within the hotel, and giving others information all in the hope of spreading the YAP message and having their efforts recognised, so they could be chosen as one of the lucky sixteen Habbos. 

YAP stands for Young Adults Program, and is an Australian charity that are all about raising awareness amongst young people (like you!) for breast cancer. Contrary to popular belief, males can also suffer from breast cancer, and if you visit YAP’s official website you will see that it caters for ‘guys and girls‘. 

Unfortunately not everyone could be chosen as an official ambassador, but I hope everyone takes note that you don’t need to be an ambassador to support and help spread the word for this charity, as it is an amazing cause.

As well as the sixteen ambassadors, there will be four lead Ambassadors who will lead the way for the others, and help YAP-Cindy to manage the YAP going-ons within the year. However, we will have to wait a bit longer to find out who these ‘lead Ambassadors’ will be!

You will be able to recognise a YAP Ambassador by a badge (obviously) they will be wearing, and also you can find them by attending special events that they may hold. Remember to look out for them if you have any questions or concerns about breast cancer or the charity itself. They know their stuff! Read on to find out who the lucky sixteen ambassadors are!

Congratulations and good luck to the following:


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Groundhog Day!0
By - Posted

All hail the mighty Groundhog!Groundhog

One of the hotel managers (Puffin) was outside today… With a shovel! Don’t worry though, she wont hurt the ground hog! She was digging out in the snow, looking for a ground hog hole! She was obviously cold: ”The ground hog better not see this shadow…” she chattered.

If you’re wearing your shorts or in the depths of the snow I wouldn’t worry! Habbo are releasing some cute Groundhog Stickers – you just can’t resist them! But aswell as their cuteness, the stickers are FREE! Just check your webstore right now and you will see the little ground hogs staring you in the face! There are 5 available!

Some of you guys may not know about the fabulous Groundhog Day, but I’ll quickly explain! Basically it’s a day when people around Canada and USA wait for the cute ground hogs to pop out from their burrows to predict if winter will stay for 6 more weeks or if they will be getting there beach towels out! You may think that this is crazy! It’s certainly new to me. If you need information on ground hog day then click here.

Do you take part in Groundhog Day? Let us know in the comments!

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Profits Galore from Habbo!0
By - Posted
Figures, numbers and statistics can all be found in a thesaurus under similar entries. As our regular users would know, Habbo has achieved the monstrous 200 million user milestone. However, the success does not end there and some magical news has come from the Sulake offices, the stats for 2010
poor.pngMany pundits will be following these stats due to the fact that unlike any year, this has been a monumental one for Habbo in terms of business decisions. Now, you don’t have to be Donald Trump to know that the crucial business decision this year was the controversial merge of the English speaking hotels under one unit- it has almost become like a mini United Nations! 
 In terms of staffing it hasn’t been a positive year for Sulake employers with many of them becoming unemployed. These mass layoffs started in October 2009, where over 40 Sulake staff were let go and the trend simply continued until the merge happened.  Dear old Ludus may even be lying homeless in a sewer somewhere for all we know! The positivity comes that from Ludus’ malnutrition and dehydration, figures for December 2010 alone were a whopping and jaw dropping 25 percent higher annually from the same time last year, and the company has made nearly double of what it made from last December 2009, which really is something to be proud of.  Sulake has failed to inform us, which hotel in particular made the most year on year improvement in terms of profit or which one does indeed generate the most profit; those are safely stored in Habbo’s account books, which are more secure than my pants!
 To put all my rambling to figures, Habbo has made €4.5 ($6.04/£3.86) million in virtual goods sales in December alone. This puts the overall figure at an unimaginable €22 ($29.53/£18.89) million. Imagine how many Ferraris I could buy with all those zeros!

Sulake says that 2010 was only begging to long-term success with Habbo. A Sulake company spokesperson said: “We have pretty exciting new things and improvements coming out this year, we expect to grow our revenue in 2011 at the same pace and to further improve the company’s profitability.”

 So, there you go folks! If I were you I would invest in Sulake stock as quickly as possible, because it looks likely to continue to sky rocket in price. The conclusion made was that the merge was indeed a profitable act, and despite many disgruntled customers, many first timers came to the game and bought subscriptions. Official company stats show that three-quarters of these so-called ‘first time’ customers will become regular ones. You can figure out the rest using mathematical knowledge and skill!

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