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Check out our guides on how to wire your events, campaigns or just your normal rooms!

Wired guides
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Pets are in the spotlight now, with the release of the new Cat Cafe campaign! There's a whole array of pets that you can get yourself on Habbo, so check out here and learn all about the cuddliest (and not-so-cuddliest) of pals that you money can buy!

Current Habbo Campaign

Cat Cafe!

Spromo catcafe.png

We're purring with joy this May, as Habbo is bringing us our coffee with a side order of fur and fluff. There are brand new Collectibles, Rares, Bundles, Rare Clothing, and even a flashy new piece of Limited Credit Furni to pick up this month!

Featured: Angel Wings


Newest item: Diamond Pillow


New furni

diamond_painting73 name
diamond_painting71 name
diamond_painting68 name
diamond_painting66 name
diamond_painting65 name
diamond_painting64 name
diamond_painting67 name
Gem Snake
Gold H-Phone
Peacock Vase
Prime Geode
Solid Gold Stag Head
Golden Decanter
Divine Statue
clothing_bohonecklace name
Boho Print Shirt
Clumsily Tied Bun
Adorable Sunhat
Tiger Accessories
test_nft_clothing2 name
Hello Kitty Backpack
Hello Kitty Hat
clothing_laalaa name
clothing_po name
clothing_dipsy name
clothing_tinkywinky name
Wine Red Star Hat
Blue Sapphire Star Hat

Achievements: Explore Habbo

The ‘Explore Habbo’ category contains 4 achievements that can be gained by accessing different features the hotel has to offer! Roller stroller For this achievement you need to spend time on a roller skating patch. There are 20 levels for this achievement and you need to spend 1551 minutes rollerblading to complete them all. Room […]

Wired: People Counter

This guide will allow you to see how many users are in a specific area of your room. It is useful in hosting specific events, for example, Majority Rules. Step 1: Setting up the numbers Place two Number Blocks next to each other. Double click the first WIRED Trigger: Toggle Furni State, select both Number Blocks, […]

Events: Don’t Hit My Wall

This guide will show you how to set up the game Don’t Hit My Wall for you to host. For more information on the game, including how to play and some useful keywords check out our wiki page by clicking here. Step 1: Place the chairs Place one chair for each player on one side […]

Habbo 2020: Relinking Teleporters

The introduction of Habbo 2020 brought us a LOT of new features – one particularly helpful, and popular, of these is the option to relink teleporters! This feature means that any two teleporters you own can be linked together, regardless of how or when you purchased them or if they’re even from the same line! […]

Back to basics: Marketplace

Sometimes there are items we want that are no longer in the shop, or perhaps there are just better deals to be found by buying directly from other Habbos. Here’s how to use the marketplace to buy and sell furni, and how to recall your posted items from the marketplace! Step 1: Open up the […]

Events: The Mole

This guide will show you how to set up the game The Mole for you to host. For more information on the game, including how to play, check out our wiki page by clicking here. Step 1: Place the seats Place enough seats for the players, preferably in a square so that all the players […]

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