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Keyword Wired

You will need:

WIRED Trigger: User Enters Room x1 WIRED Effect: Teleport To Furni x1 Wired Effect: Show Message x1 (Optional)

This WIRED is used to teleport people from one side of the room to the other when they say a keyword, e.g. “exit” or “habboxvip”.

Step 1: WIRED Effect: Teleport To Furni

Firstly, you need to make sure the WIRED Effect: Teleport To Furni is selecting the piece of furniture you want people to teleport to. When you’ve selected the item, click “Ready”.

Step 2: Set a keyword

Secondly, you need to type in your keyword on the WIRED Trigger: User Says Keyword WIRED. I’ve decided to put mine as “exit”, but you can put yours to suit your own needs – you can also make it so the keyword WIRED only works for yourself and not anyone else (useful if you want to have a secret area for yourself!)

Step 3: On one condition… (Optional)

If you want to make it so the Keyword WIRED can only be used when you’re sat on a specific furniture item, then you can do that too. This is useful for making hidden keywords or when hosting Telephrase – all you need to do is add the WIRED Condition: Triggering User Is On Furni and select the furniture in your room which you want them to be sitting or standing on.

Wired: Auto User Kicking

Wired: Agency Security

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Wired: Muted Entrance

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