Festival competitions!

Festival competitions!

Be on the look out for Habboxbury themed competitions and birthday fun across the site!

Festival competitions!
Habboxbury has landed!

Habboxbury has landed!

It's our 17th birthday! Check out all the treats we've got for you and win HUNDREDS of credits!

Habboxbury has landed!
Party on, Garth!

Party on, Garth!

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Party on, Garth!
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Muted Entrance

You will need:

WIRED Trigger: User Says Keyword (x5) WIRED Effect: Show Message (x1) WIRED Condition: Triggering User Is On Furni (x1)

This guide will allow you mute advertisers and flooders in the entrance while you are in your room by muting the entrance.

Step 1: Setting the keywords

Double click each WIRED Trigger: User Says Keyword, insert a different vowel into the text box, and press ‘Ready’. You may use less than 5 letters if you do not have 5 WIRED Trigger: User Says Keywords to spare, or you may add more letters by stacking more of them on top of the original 5. As long as each box has only one letter, it will work.

Step 2: Wire the chairs

Take your WIRED Condition: Triggering User Is On Furni and set it to the chairs or flooring that the users are on when they enter your room.

Step 3: Send them a message!

Take your WIRED Effect: Show message and type in a message to let the users know that they cannot speak in the entrance. An example could be ‘Please step out of the entrance to talk!’.

Wired: Lever Opens Door

Wired: Anti Line Cutting

Wired: Guiding Furni With Arrows

Wired: Agency Security

Wired: Enter Room Wired

Wired: People Counter

Wired: Automatic Queue

Wired: Automatic Doors