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[GUIDE] Fansites


Fansites are user-led websites which support Habbo. Most offer lots of exciting competitions, news, events and other exciting activities which would interest Habbo Players. There are up to 20 fansites in general, however, only 5 are official fansites, meaning they’ve been picked by Habbo to specifically support them.

Official Vs. UnofficialTo become an Official Fansite, the Owners must apply whenever applications open – this is usually every 6 months. Habbo Staff then review these applications, choosing the best to become Official Fansites.

Applications are tough – and it’s hard to become Official. Habbo looks for commitment, kindness, activity and transparency.
The current official fansites are: Habbox, HabboQuests, HabboFunFM, HabboCreate and FlyHabbo

What do you get?The Official Fansites get lots of cool perks. These are given to them to help with the managing of their websites. Most fansite management and staff are all volunteers, and they have big communities of past and present Habbos who still communicate using their forums.

3 representatives of each official fansite get a fashionable badge – this is usually the owners or general managers – to make them recognisable. Each fansite also receives one free subscription of Builders Club to assist them with their room making for official events.

Unlike unofficial sites, Official Fansites help with creating special events to entertain Habbos – this also gives the opportunity for fansites to make their own badges and get them added to the Hotel! Official Fansites have a meeting with Habbo Staff every few weeks and are in contact with them via email to organise events.

Can I work at one?Most fansites are always hiring and looking for new talent. Each fansite will either have a forum board, or web page advertising their current opportunities.

Working at a fansite isn’t only fun, but it also gives you lots of experience where you meet new people and develop new skills. Lots of Habbox General Managers have gone off to real life jobs where they’ve discussed their voluntary job at Habbox! You can look at Habbox’s jobs here.


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