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[GUIDE] Promoting Rooms

room promotion

A Room Promotion is used to advertise your room when you want people to notice it. It is often used when you are hosting an event, but it can be used on any room. This guide will show you how to purchase one for your own room, and for any other room that you have room rights in.

Step 1: Open the ShopOpen up the Shop and select the “Furni” section at the top. Make sure you are in the room you want to promote at the time.

Step 2: Find Room EventsOn the left hand side, you will see a list of categories. Select the “Room Event” category.

Step 3: Fill it inClick on the tab “Room Event” and fill out the information (event category, room name and description of the room/event)

Step 4: Make a purchaseChoose the room from the drop down menu and click purchase. The room event costs 15 Duckets and will assist in promoting your event when borrowing a room. Reminder: you must have room rights in the room in order to make an event.


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