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[GUIDE] AFK-Seating

afk seating

This guide will stop your event from becoming an empty room by keeping non-active players within the room.

You will need…

WIRED Trigger: Repeat Effect (x1)
WIRED Effect: Toggle Furni State (x1)
Freeze Counter or Counter (x1)
Stack Tile (x1)
Freeze Tiles (As many as you need)
Exit Tiles (Same amount as your Freeze Tiles)
Seats (any type and enough to cover tiles)

Step 1: Repeat EffectFirstly, you will need to double-click the WIRED Trigger: Repeat Effect to open it. Once opened, set the timer to 0.5 seconds. Once set, press ‘Ready’.

Step 2: Setting up the counterOpen the WIRED Effect: Toggle Furni State by double-clicking it. Once opened, select the Freeze Counter and press “Ready”.

Step 3: Set a timeSet the Counter to a time when the AFK-Seats are to be activated. Recommended time is 5 minutes. To set the time, click the red button to its left.

Step 4: Freeze TilesPlace down the Freeze tile(s) in the designated area. Note: Freeze tile(s) don’t stack on top of flooring.

Step 5: Exit TilesPlace the Exit tile(s) on top of the Freeze tile(s).

Step 6: Stack up!Using the Stack Magic Tile, place seating onto the Exit and Freeze tile(s).

Step 7: More stackingPlace the wired stack together and the seating is complete.


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