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I'm feeling lucky...

I'm feeling lucky...

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I'm feeling lucky...
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Rare Values

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Descriptive Writing – The Abandoned House0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015

Warning: Not for the faint-of-heart 


The green pool was still. Lifeless. Disguised by the autumn leaves of the sycamore trees. Beyond the pool of envy and greed, a hard-beaten path is unveiled. The harsh sunlight falls along the path, past the animals, beyond the trees. Beyond the greying, rotten bunkhouse.


A small bird dances across the sky overhead, following the soft, sleep-inducing light, which is about to fall into night. Out of the trance, the bird found itself hovering over the run-down broken house.


Not a home – a house.



The outside sun shines brightly, yet all light is filtered out by the moth-eaten curtains and refuses to furnish the dark and dingy room. So the room remains as dark as a grave. There were layers of paint, wallpaper… more paint, starting to crumble off the wall. Each layer could be peeled away to reveal hidden secrets. Old skeletons in her closet. But, the layers remain unpeeled and the secrets remain undiscovered.


Stories untold.


The walls were otherwise empty in the run-down house. There was a small, square window, heavily disguised with a layer of yellowing floral net curtains. The curtains rattled with the lightest wind. Fragile. They seemed as if they were going to snap – like the bones of an ageing woman.


Through the window, a soft ray of light hits the floor. All the colours of the rainbow dance together on the canvas, then merge to form a confused blur. Amongst the haze of buttercup yellows, sky blues and apple greens, in the corner of the room, was a dented metal tin of paint, with a threatening drizzle of blood-red paint slowly oozing down the side.


It had passed its expiry date…


Perhaps someone had finally given up redecorating. Refurnishing. Reinventing.


The walls displayed no pictures. No identity. This was not a family home. All that hung there was a small, square, slightly crooked, mirror.


A moth-eaten rug lay in the middle of the room, disguising only half of the dampened, dark, wooden floorboards. The floorboards creaked noisily, as the rocking chair swings in time with the majestic grandfather clock standing next to it. The pendulum is old now, tarnished so it is almost charcoal black. The clock sways back and forth, back and forth. It never stops.


In the next room, there is nothing, and the walls are blackened, through the efforts of a kitchen fire. The flame was small and harmless, yet the smoke it allowed to wander around the house was deadly. The only item left intact was a child’s rag doll, sitting on the windowsill, her emotionless glass eyes piercing through the darkness at the blackened door. Though the door is a grand staircase guarded by two menacing gargoyles. They stare, unfeeling, towards the rag doll, silently sending threats.


There is a nursery at the top of the stairs. Inside is canary-yellow, and almost as perfect as the day it was created. In one dust-consumed corner sits a small rocking horse and an old dolls house. It is a replica of the house it resides in, but without the doom and gloom, which lives in the original. Opposite the playthings sits a simple white cot, with pink blankets laid haphazardly over the top. This room is tinted orange with the fading sunlight streaming through the large window.


The view is unobstructed for miles. Beyond the jungle of wilting flowers, of rusting metal tools and of unused furniture lays a land of mysteries and untold tales. There is a willow tree, surrounded by a magical aura, protecting it from the rest of the world. In the distance, the great globe of fire was slowly falling behind the luscious green hills, giving way for the world to plunge into the pitch-black skies of the night. The light is slowly drizzling away now, leaving the last brave specks to complete their dance across the floorboards.


Just outside the abandoned nursery, there is a darkened hatch in the ceiling. The cover has broken and fallen away, allowing the blackness to cascade down to the floor. It was like an abyss… it had no beginning and no end. It was unfathomable.


The overwhelming darkness beckons. Into the shadows, eyes slowly adjusting. There are piles of cardboard boxes, each one displaying a faded label. Books. Toys. Christmas decorations. None of the boxes had been opened for years; they had been left for dead. One box lays open on the floor, labelled “Photographs”. A single frame has been thrown on the floor, the glass shattered into a thousand pieces. Thick droplets of deep red blood rest on the top of each razor-sharp shard, and the photo within is missing. It lies across the room, creased and faded. It depicts a family scene, last Christmas. They had gathered around the tree, and their faces would display equal vast smiles, if you could see them, but the faces were viciously scratched out in a rage of fury, blackened by a deadly ballpoint pen. It looked fresh – terrifying. Someone was there, hiding between those boxes.


The wall above the victim displays a message to whomever discovers the body.


          Don’t Look Behind


It was written in blood. Suddenly, everything else faded into oblivion. There was a silhouette crouching down in the shadows, like a lion, ready to pounce on its prey. The only thing left was to run. But the hatch had disappeared, nowhere in sight. The creature circled the dusty attic, marking the boundaries of its territory. It made no noise, fading into the nothingness that had overtaken this land. Nothing could survive here.


I hear an almighty crash. Behind me. The warning rings in my head- Don’t Look Behind. Another crash. Don’t Look. Then silence. Is it safe? I turn my head. The creature is so close I can feel its breath caressing my face. I knew then – I was next.

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Interview with JamesOYES – HxL Assistant Manager0
By - Posted
The HabboxLive Assistant Manager
Hey everyone, thanks for reading my new interview at Habbox. This interview is with JamesOYES the new HabboxLive Assistant Radio Manager! Now, I know it’s a pretty simple layout but here it is so you dont get confused:
My questions are in bold
And the answers are in italics 
Click the ‘Read More’ button to see the interview from here! 
Hey there Mr. James, how are you finding your new role as HxL Asst. Manager?
i’m actually really enjoying it its definatly my dream habbox role (how sad) but yeah it is really enjoyable role


Do you find your job hard or tiring at all?
Sometimes i do, but once you enjoy something so much you just get used to it i guess. 
What do you do in your role as Assistant Manager?
well i update things like listener of the week, post announcements and just generally help gemma with running the department
If you could give an award to the best person at Habbox (Non-Staff or Staff), who would it be?
if i’m gonna be honest, it’d probably be gemma for putting up with someone like me LOL


OK, here’s your ‘Quick Answer’ round. Every week I give new questions, and a new name for this. You ready?
Cake or Chocolate Fingers?
Lemonade or Iron Bru?
Christmas or Your Birthday?
Which Department: HxHD or Events?
Skynus or Skynus?
neither ;l
Rude! Lol, thanks for this interview James, anything you would like to say to the readers out there?
i wanna say hi to my mum please, she’ll be so proud that i got a interview on a online fansite..x
Lol! Thanks again James

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What a stressful week!0
By - Posted


Photograph of Prince EdwardI wonder if there’s anything that can make you go into hibernation for a while because seriously… right now… I am shattered. This week has been so hectic – late nights, early mornings, cruel experiences, depressing comments and a Royal visit. What’s next? 
This week started off with a Critical Thinking exam in Monday afternoon. We were allowed the morning off for studying but I found it a perfect opportunity to have a brief sleep in, so hey – that wasn’t too bad. The exam was rather iffy but some questions were fine.
After that, I had my Psychology exam on Wednesday morning. Now I was dreading this, absolutely to the max. I had been revising for it since just after Christmas and I must admit, the revision really did pay off. I found the questions reasonable and even the 12-marker was adequate; hopefully I am happy with myself when the results are published!
Right now, I’ve just got in from the dentist. He’s managed to drill my teeth and brush them up with a gigantic cleaning tool, with a vacuum to collect all my saliva. Lovely. Thankfully no fillings yet though, my mouth is all natural (touch wood!).

Oh, and to top the whole week off, my school is getting a visit from HRH Prince Edward (Earl of Wessex) next week so that he can open a new block at our school. Sniffer dogs are being sent in, lockers checked, main road closed, snipers all over, etc. What akerfuffle for one man; the least well known out of the Queen’s four children, may I add!
This does remind me of the time I won a competition through CBBC for an invite to the Queen’s 80th Birthday Garden Party. The day was dedicated to literature; it was great fun with readings from J.K Rowling among many other children’s literary authors. Cucumber sandwiches anyone?
Still, it’s good for the school I suppose. Now, back to watching “Come Fly With Me

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Hx-Articles Short Stories – Story One – xxMATTGxx0
By - Posted
Hx-Articles Short Stories – Story One
Once upon a time, in a land far far far far far far away there lived a handsome young prince called xxMATTGxx. He was the General Manager of the BEST Habbo Fansite in the planet! It’s name….
And thus begin our story!

Not only did xxMATTGxx live in this land, but his evil brothers Alkaz and Hecktix lived here too. He didn’t get on well with his brothers, he always found them stealing his bread and water and harrasing his pets. One day, he’d had enough! He stormed on over to the Jelly Castle on the top of Mount. Ice-Cream and knocked on the huge strawberry door. “Who’s there?” Said a voice from behind the door. “It’s me, your brother!” Shouted back xxMATTGxx. “Open up at once!”
The door slowly opened and there stood a young girl called JamesOYES. xxMATTGxx froze. It was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his lifetime! 
“Can I help you?” She said.
“Umm, umm umm” Replied xxMATTGxx
“Well, come on, spit it out”
“I’m here to see my brothers?”
“I only have a sister? If you mean the 2 boys who lived here before, they died”
“WHAT? I know I hated them, but I loved them.. deep inside… very.. deep”
“WHO IS IT?” Shouted Hecktix from afar
“It’s your brother” JamesOYES shouted back
“I thought you said they where dead?” Said xxMATTGxx
“Oh, umm… they.. are?” said JamesOYES
“Hurry up will you!” Said Alkaz
“Oh for fudge sake” Said JamesOYES “I have to go.” And she slammed the door shut.
That’s all xxMATTGxx saw of the girl and his brothers that day as they moved out. The last he heard of them was a letter saying:
 Thanks for reading my story
I wrote this within 5 minutes, as an idea, and I thought I’d publish it and see what people think
If people like it, I’ll make more, make them longer and MUCH better!  

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Mystic Mike0
By - Posted

Forget about Mystic Meg, I’m the new seer on the block! I have looked into my crystal ball and have seen the future. What’s coming up in 2011? Which Habbox management is going to become a daddy? Which celebrities are going to have a bad year? You can find all this out and more by clicking read more!



69mysticmike.pngI see…. I see….. a man… a very tall, dark… and ugly man. It’s Alex3213! Why is Alex3213 in my crystal ball? I can see a rattle, a dummy, a baby’s bib. That must mean only one thing: Alex3213 is going to become the second pregnant man! Congratulations! Judging by the blue colour of the baby’s bib, it is clear to me that this baby is going to be a boy and you will call him Jesus  Michael. What a great name! But wait, who’s the mother? I see… I see…. lots of chairs… hmm what could this mean? My inner eye will not tell me! Okay okay, my Yellow Pages has told me this means his girlfriend, Charis. Aww bless!


I see…. I see….. a forum. Hmm this is interesting. It’s got lots of competitions where you can win great prizes! I see… I see…. a lottery ticket. Wow, I see YOU winning 500c this year and all you have to do is buy a lottery ticket! Hooray, it’s nice to bring some good news to 2011 especially after I saw you trapped in a coma for 6 months last year. I hope you wake up soon and read this.


I see…. I see… a dancefloor. Oh dear, Sharon Osborne is going to hurt her leg on Strictly Come Dancing 2011. Not to worry though Sharon, everyone will be too busy watching your old show X Factor to even care. Wait, no! I see X Factor… in America! So everyone will be watching you and will be laughing. Hopefully you will read this and decide to wait til next year!


I see…. I see…. a wedding cake. Who is this for? It’s Katie Price having another wedding! Not with Alex Reid this time. No, she is now fed up with men after her “heartbreaking divorce” from Alex but instead of releasing a new single, she’s decided to get married to her maid this time. Her maid is called Clavarina and she needs a visa so she accepted. Unfortunately, The Sun newspaper will read this article and post a damning expose on Katie’s new wife and how this is the fault of the EU and the past Labour government. On the plus side, I’ll get a new job at that newspaper, giving the horoscopes as Mystic Meg is replaced by a younger model.


I see… I see…. a pond. No wait, it’s a flood. I fear big floods for Australia this year and wish them good luck in their speedy recovery. After they LOST BIG TIME IN THE ASHES, this is another blow to Australia. By August, the water will have decreased to a small level but the harsh winter of Australia will turn it into ice so I recommend buying ice skates if you haven’t got any already! This will unfortunately result in the temporary closure of ice rinks across Queensland but they will reopen once more, minus the hire-ice-skates section, when the ice melts. 


I see… I see… oil. Another great oil spill in America and this time all the blame will solely be on the… Americans. Yes, they can’t escape that it’s actually their fault. This will result in the Wall Street crash of 2011 as confidence in America dips to the lowest in centuries. This will result in a recession for all the other countries around the world. The Daily Mirror in the UK says this is the fault of the Coalition government.


I see… I see… a forum where you can win great prizes. Oh wait I’ve already had this vision so that must mean my Inner Eye needs rest. I hope you have a very good year but I’m afraid I forgot to mention that after you win the lottery, you’re struck by malaria and your cousin steals all your money. Happy 2011!

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