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[GUIDE] Habbo Club

habbo club

Habbo Club is something which many players purchase with either real money or credits & diamonds to look different so they’re not similar to regular Habbos. Being a HC member is not only gloriously fun but it also brings lots of cool features to make your Habbo experience easier and more enjoyable.

Step 1: Purchasing Habbo Club

Purchasing Habbo club is super easy. Depending on your location, it may vary in price if you’re directly buying it from here. This is how much it’d cost if you were purchasing it from the client catalogue:

1 months HC will cost you 50 credits & 50 diamonds.

3 months HC will cost you 120 credits & 120 diamonds.
To buy HC, Simply go to the Catalogue & Select the fourth tab at the top, called ‘Memberships’.

HC Features

Just like any website where you purchase some form of special features or VIP, you get lots of cool features that make you look completely different from other people. Here’s what you get when you’re a Habbo Club member:

  • ● Special HC Badge
  • ● Advertisement free experience
  • ● Exclusive hair, clothing and colours
  • ● FREE monthly HC gift
  • ● Earn twice the amount of Duckets
  • ● Wardrobe tool to save your outfits
  • ● Doubled friends list (up to 1100 friends!)
  • ● Extra dances, actions, commands (like :furni and :chooser) and speech bubbles
  • ● Ability to create your own groups, and successfully administrate groups which are owned by your friends
  • ● Exclusive HC room layouts

HC PayDay

As a Habbo Club member, you not only get a free gift every month but also do you receive credits each month too. HC Payday is on the 15th of every month, and your pay is calculated by your HC Streak and catalogue purchases.

The HC Center allows you to view information regarding your HC Subscription, including the date you first joined HC, the amount of HC you have left and your HC streak. You also get the option to purchase more HC or redeem your monthly gift. It can be accessed by clicking the small ‘HC’ icon in the top right-hand corner of your Habbo screen.


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