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[GUIDE] Marketplace


The Marketplace is a feature that allows you to buy or sell furniture anonymously. This guide will turn you into an expert on how to use it.

How do I access the Marketplace?

To access the Marketplace, you will need to open the Shop, click on the Furni tab on the top, and Marketplace will be on the bottom of the list. You will see two tabs when you click on it; ‘My Sales’ and ‘Offers’. Here is an overview of these two sections before I go into further detail.

My Sales: This section allows you to see a list of all furniture you have placed for sale in the Marketplace. It will tell you how many hours each furniture has left before you will need to re-list it if it’s not sold, and it will also tell you how many Credits you have waiting for you if anything has sold.

This section will also tell you how many items you currently have listed in the Marketplace, and you have a limit of 200 listed items at one time. You may also remove any listed item by finding the item and selecting “Take Back”. This will immediately remove the item from the Marketplace and return it to your inventory.

The next section will explain how to list your furniture for sale.

Offers: This section will list all furniture that has been listed for sale by other players.

It allows you to see the furniture listed by activity and by value, but you can also search for a particular furniture by name if you know what it is you are looking for.

More information about this will be in section 3 of this guide.








How do I find items?

By activity: This allows you to decide in what order you want the furniture to be displayed in.

Most traded today shows the furniture that has been traded the most in the last 24 hours, whereas least traded today will display the items that have been traded the least amount of times.

Items with most offers will show items that have the most offers available to be purchased from within the Marketplace, whereas items with least offers will low the items with the least offers available.

By value: Same as above, this also allows you to decide the order in white the furniture are listed in.

Most expensive items first arrange them so the items that cost the most Credits show up first in the list, whereas cheapest items first will show the items that cost the least amount of Credits.

Advanced: This section allows you to search for a specific item of furniture.

The search option is used if you know the name of the specific item you are wanting to buy, or if you want to search for something more generic, for example, “chair”.

The price section will help you limit the number of results that show up with your search by stating the price range of what you are willing to spend on the item.

The sort order function works exactly as described above, but here you have access to all the options.

How do I place items for sale?

To place an item for sale, you need to have it in your inventory. Select the item, and then click on “Sell in Marketplace”. This will open up the pop-up below which allows you to choose the price you want to sell the item for. It also shows you the average which gives you a rough idea of how much the item is worth.

Once you have decided on the price, click “Post item” and then “ok” on the confirmation pop-up.

And that’s it! Your item will be displayed for the next 48 hours.


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