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The Events Department is one of the most established departments on Habbox which has always provided exciting games and activities on a frequent basis for users to participate in on Habbo. The Events Department maintain an excellent relationship with the members of both the Habbox and Habbo community because, being a community-based department, they must ensure the community are satisfied with the events available.

The Events department is managed by FlyingJesus and Ozad.

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Events are booked in advance and added to the panel on the main site, as well as being published in a special forum (the Community Notice Board) just before, so you’ll always know when something is going on!

If you’re on the client and search ‘Habbox’, you’ll be able to find the event too! There is a huge range of events to attend, with staff hosting a variety of them every day – there’s something for everyone! You can win yourself furniture (usually coins/credits), or if you prefer you can claim Tokens on HabboxForum. For special events such as the Easter Eggstravaganza and Habbox Summer Spectacular, you can win larger prizes like Thrones and large amounts of credits.

If you think you’re cut out to be an Events Organiser and want to give it a go, check out the jobs on offer by clicking here!



Since Habbox’s opening in 2004, Habbox Events has been an integral part: mainly by advertising to new members and keeping its current users occupied.

The department is often the first impression a new member gets of Habbox, and Events Organisers are always on their best behaviour to get more people to sign up. While Events historically has one of the highest staff turnovers (second only to HabboxLive), it has had one of the smallest amounts of managers in Habbox’s history. Until 2014, there had only been 8 managers in total, often with a tenure of 2 years or more.

In 2014, a funding system for Events Organisers was introduced, to help hosts provide good prizes to their players.


Events Managers

The table below shows the name of people who have been Events Manager since the department first started:


[table id=8 /]

Assistant Events Managers

The table below shows the name of people who have been Assistant Events Manager since the department first started:


[table id=9 /]


Staff Roles


There are different roles in the Events department, to ensure events are being hosted which are of a good quality and to make sure everyone gets to advertise and interact with the community on a day to day basis, using the forum! Each staff member has regular contact with the (Assistant) Manager, where they would go to seek help and advice.
Events Organisers They will host events on Habbo where the community is able to win amazing prizes. All Events Organisers have a minimum requirement of 2 events per week, and on top of that, they are expected to advertise and interact with the community on a day to day basis, in the helpdesk and in other events.
Senior Events Organiser They will book events on the events panel which you are able to see on the main Habbox page. They also have to hold a minimum of 3 events per week, contribute ideas, send feedback to other event organisers and write comments on the monthly reports.
(Assistant) Events Manager They overlook the department, help any of their staff, sort out complaints, help host major events (like Habboxween and HxSS) as well as write reports for the department staff.


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