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Events Organiser Applications
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We are currently recruiting new Events Organisers to host some of our fantastic daily events. If your application is successful, you will be placed on a 1 week trial to see how you get on in the department and show what you have to offer. You would be required to host just one event per week and supply your own prizes. We also have a great Rewards Scheme in place to reward our dedicated staff which includes credits, reputation, tokens, raffle tickets and even forum VIP available on a weekly basis depending on performance.


If you fancy being a member of our team, simply fill in the form below and send it as a Private Message to HabboxEvents on HabboxForum.com

Habbo Name:
Habbox Forum Name:
Time Zone:
Name two events that you would like to host and a little detail on each:
A screenshot of your Events Room/Your Habbo Name and Events Room Name: